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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Simon Cowell Had To Make His Most Tangled Decision Last Night

-Oh my lord Simon Cowell,this is my first time witness your melancholy face.This all happened last night,the American "X factor" comes to the the first round live show.After all the girls`,the over 25s`,and the boys` performances finished,here comes the last category which is Simon`s group-the "groups".And based on the rules,the judges have to make unwilling decision to send one contestant of hour home,we all know Simon,and i know Simon,he has countless experience doing this "sending home" job,and to be honest,every his decision in th past is rational,and Simon seems always makes his decision so certain,so easy.But last night,when Simon needs to make a "sending home" decision between two his beloved groups i think his face tells everything,how tangled he is and if you watch the live show last night you will also think this is the most tough moment of Simon Cowell so far.Personally,even professionally,i am excepting more "Simon tangled moment" just like this,because it is so funny,and for a live TV show,it is so entertaining.
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