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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Elvira`t Hart`s 'WEARABLE DRAWINGS' ...

Foreword-Believe it or not,when i was still keeping my first dream of being a world-class fashion designer i have a lot of refreshing inspirations,such as design a series of "wearable drawings" outfits.You have to admit that this idea is so unique-cool,but since i felt studying fashion design this idea has to be shelved temporarily.Even now i myself often imagine how could those wearable-drawings outfits look like,according to the brand Elvira my imagination comes to be clear.

The brand ELVIRA is all about drawing. Being playful and using other ways to design and contruct a garment, patterns are literally sketched and cut out by laser. Handwork is combined with modern techniques like lasercutting, giving the final results their unique characteristics.All garments are drawn by Elvira 't Hart and produced in The Netherlands.(Quoted from

From the term "Wearable Drawings" which is not an entangled concept,but what`s on earth the Elvira`s concept "Wearable Drawings"? Quoted by the explanation of designer is "I have been drawing since I can remember and since falling in love with fashion design I have been trying to separate, but also more and more to combine my passion for drawing and fashion. Ultimately combining the two resulted in this project ‘Wearable drawings’ The inspiration behind this project is drawing, its characteristics and how we interpret them. In the past I have been frustrated whilst showing designs on paper to others as people tended to overlook the characteristics of the drawing. They almost took them for granted. What they missed however was that that was exactly the reason why I had drawn it like that, I wanted the real garment to look exactly like the drawing. I started using my sketches literally as patterns and started sketching patterns out of my mind. How I thought certain classic garments would look like and began cutting these out by laser, keeping every line I had drawn in the final garment and more importantly: copying my ‘signature’ exactly. I didn’t want to filter everything out that made the drawing a drawing and I found that the effect this had on people, where usually they overlook these things, was even more interesting. In the whole designing process I find sketching the most exciting stage. I think these first sketches are very interesting to look at, as they have a unique esthetic appeal. Specific characteristics like outlying lines, lines that disappear abruptly, planes of white and black but not always completely filled in or coloring in between the lines. Nevertheless we still are able to see that what was meant to be depicted, it has been reduced to lines and planes of black and white, to its essential information. But between that which was meant to be depicted and the given limited information there is some room left for the imagination. (Resource From

Wearable Drawings Gallery

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

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