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Friday, April 04, 2014

tips on blogging ...

Now,after blogging for almost 14 months i can naturally team up some myself-tips on blogging.1.First,your web-atmosphere,this is the first basic element for a good blog because before any visitors reading your posts,their first impression of your blog will be decided by your web-atmosphere.You can reconnoiter some famous blogs,i bet their web-atmosphere must be modern,clean,and stylish.2.Post title,when we come to read a news form a newspaper or read an issue from a fashion magazine the titles always tell us the main context of the story. And for me,i am always trying to label a post title meaningful,unique and eye-catching.3.Focus on the post layout,a post is an Independent Forums,so the layout is so important and it can decide how long will your readers keep reading your post.So please choose the appropriate fonts and control the post colors. 4.Image atmosphere,weather you choose to post your images on your posts or to download images from internet,the qualities of the images can 100% influence the qualities of your posts,so  release some clarity images as possible as you can.5.Spread your blog frequently,by now,if i summary my blog achievements 4 tips above included except for spreading my blog which in a result a low traffics driven to my website.I do not know how some bloggers like Bryanboy,Rumi neely or Tavi Gevinson spread their blogs or maybe they do not need to do so,but for most bloggers,spreading blog is a must-to-do thing during your blogging experiences.Those 5 tips are formed from my blogging experiences and my tips are not for the other bloggers,but i believe even bet you as a blogger must have your tips on blogging,i hope you can show your tips here so that we every blogger could reference each other.

*Subscribing across the interest i take 5 tips on blogging of Elin Kling as an example of tips on blogging,here it is 

Elin Kling`s top 5 blogging tips?
  • 1.Just do it. I know there is no time, but you have to find time.
  • 2.Choose your posts carefully. Make your blog a platform that reflects your style.
  • 3.Don't be too personal, write in a personal way instead.
  • 4.Put a lot of focus on the pictures.
  • 5.Make it into a platform of something you enjoy doing. You have to enjoy it to make it work.

Hope this post "tips on blogging" could help you out somewhere
Wish you all have a wonderful blogging experience
XOXO,Kisses from Royal Wang

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang
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