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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Next step of "fashion&culture diary"

I need to remind myself and to announce this news to all of my blogger friends that i have been thinking to take a almost one-year plan into action which is i decide to take a blog award competition.After googling some blog awards competitions i decide to chose "Singapore Blog Award" as my first try.So far you totally understand what is so-call "Next Step of "Fashion&Culture Diary".I kinda have some confidences in my blog especially after subscribing some winners of past years,i think my blog has some qualities to win the competition-good blog theme,visual web design,nice layout,and unique posts.But you know if i wanna get 100% confidences to win i need some extra supports from you,my blogger friends,so if any of you reading this post right now please speak louder to support my next step of "Fashion&Culture Diary".

Singapore Blog Award

If any of you wanna take part in Singapore Blog Awards click Here to enter the official website for further information.Remember the application is from 5th,April-10th,May.

*Nate:I am here calling for my blogger friends to share my post just in the name of friendship and for any new bloggers,you are also welcome to leave comments and to share my post or add your e-mail on my sidebar,we will always keep in touch

*Written By Royal Wang
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