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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Victoria Beckham Documentary

-We all know that Victoria married to famous football player David Beckham.Victoria is so famous for her style,elegant,chic,modern and always wowed us by her graceful body line.I am a big of her style.I even used to imagine what if Victoria creates a fashion line named after her? Will the designs be the "Victoria" style? I guess so.Maybe god hears me and tells Victoria,her line "Victoria Beckham" launched in New York and every season showed in New York fashion week.At beginning,i can not buy her designs,i label her brand as weird-chic or fake-luxury.I put my focus off her designs and bet "Victoria Beckham" is just flash in the pan.But year after year,Victoria is keeping releasing so many good designs which has attracted many fashion fans,among them, socialites included.What makes her line or the following lines so popular? How did Victoria do that? Those big question portray deeply in my mind.I am trying to figure out the the development process of Victoria`s designer career, luckily and Coincidentally i found a video of "Victoria Beckham Documentary" which generalizes the development process of brand "Victoria Beckham" and also shows people how Victoria drives her brand and the basic elements needed behind a successful fashion brand.

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang
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