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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Recently,a penny for my thoughts ...

I have not  posted a new post for five days and i have planned blogging yesterday but i finally give up because i am so tried those couple days which makes me lazy doing everything and yesterday i even leave the class in the middle of the lesson,i think it is not scientific to have a life of studying along with having myself work at weekend which really is fucking fatigue.

Well,to be frank there is nothing special to write,and i do not have some worthy inspirations  edited into posts,you mind like a mess there and i really do not know what to write and just praying that life in Milan could end sooner,Milan is really suck,so suck,

Oh i suddenly come up with a scene from my favorite TV Drama "Two And Half Men" which is adapted version of Beyonce`s "Single Ladies" and it is really extremely ridiculous.

Here it is
"All the single Barrys,all the single Barrys
make a turkey sandwich,make turkey sandwich
if you like then you should have put some cheese on
if you like then you should have put some cheese on
may-a-o,oh-oh-oh,oh-oh-oh ..."

Anyway wish you all have a nice day and Royal is going to sleep ~~~

*Written By Royal Wang

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