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Friday, March 28, 2014

Diary of -"cats",the memory returns...

Previously, on Fashion&Culture Diary i had released a post about i am going to watch the unrivaled British musical-"Cats,the memory returns".Today,is also my expected day finally comes,at 4 p.m the "Cats" took Milan stage and now i can not tell you how exciting i am when watching the show and even more exciting is now i am sitting bides my desk and get ready to post my first experience on watching "cats" show.
Well,i got myself quickly dress up (which you can see my outfits in the left image),because i decide to start off at 2 p.m which is earlier than the prescript time.But when i got Arcimboldi theater i know i was just the one of many early men.

There is a guy staring the poster of "Cats" and and when he saw me he asked me to take some pictures for him,he is so cute making faces when taking pictures,and in return,he took me some pictures which you can see above.It still have one hour before the show and we two are talking about some details of the "cats".He seems so excited and said he is a crazy fans of "Cats",this cute guy even show me his theme T-shirt of "Cats".

Finally comes to moment to enter the theater and my seat was on the second floor,at first i was thinking i got a suck spot and i tell myself the cheapest ticket deserves a bad spot.But when i find my spot and sat down i am kinda of satisfied my seat because my seat was exactly in the central line along the stage.
The staffs tell we audiences that we can not take any pictures during the show so we all actively take pictures before the show.The stage is decorated like a big garbage dump what are for those stray cats to live in.
With a burst of cheering,the "Cats" miaowed the stage,song after song ,dancing after dancing we audiences`s enthusiasm is getting more and more higher.Among the whole "Cats" show the upsurges appear when rising the theme song-"Memory" and when present a string of dancings approaching to the end of the show.

*I do not wanna write a long post but to make it short to read.See the images below
We audiences are all delighted by the superb performances presented by the "Cats" group.Round of applause,endless ...

*Written By Royal Wang

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