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Friday, January 02, 2015

2015 , the second day , humors+sandals , you are having fun

The entrance of the second day of 2015 felt like incredible that 2014 has been a past of history . Staring at the timeline at the corner of my computer written "2015" makes me question when is the doomsday . Since the sun is shining , earth is keeping its rotation , people like us enjoy or not , have to do those life routines .

Morning routine , some people not everyone , like my classmate in high school when woke up , he used to put his five fingers (from Forefinger , middle finger ... ) to travel around in his nose to dig boogers . As he told me , like a private trying to find treasures . And i am like vomiting .

Behavior routine , my mom labelled me " Freak" which i get from my behavior of trying on all my outfits from my closet , then look myself in the mirror like 2 hours+ . Next time if my mom gonna call me with "that title" i will definitely tell her a story : One girl is more "freak" , every week , she went to some big shopping malls to try hundreds of refresh products of beauty and outfits . And guess what , she rarely bought one or two , with her excuses , either the goods all with low qualities or the prices are not acceptable . A friend of her mother is a behavioral psychologist who indicates that this girl just enjoys the process of shopping , and never wants it stopped which she might think "payment" means the termination of her shopping behaviors . So What do you think mom ?

Celebrity scandal - Imagining one day your girl suddenly indicated that "she" , years ago , was a "he" nothing couldn`t be more humiliating . This is what now Michael Phelps ( that 8 gold medals winner in Beijing Olympic Games ) dealing with .

Micheal Phelps Scandal : Girlfriend Reveals She Is A Man tells you the story details . Now i am wondering if Micheal gonna break up with his "he" , if so , will people call him "Inhumanity" ? If not so , people will for sure label him "Perverted" . Looks he is having hard time .

Shopping Sandals

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