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Friday, January 09, 2015

"loneliness" , we get it and we need to end it

This subject is not a stranger to us , "Loneliness" . It occurs to be my issue to write based on my self loneliness process . There is no absoluteness , even though you get tons of friendships , the one you share romantic love with , surrounded by family numbers , to wipe your loneliness away . I felt some loneliness appeared when i get period isolation , Seeing someone enjoyed their achievements while i still get nothing to do with my life , sometimes the cause of loneliness is without trace .

Felling depression might be the regular result after getting loneliness , more worse like loneliness is the major inmate to make our chronic health conditions like high blood pressure and dementia form . Writer Judith Shulevitz launched an article describing the lethality of loneliness . Reading it you will get the scientific awareness of loneliness .

Said scientist , no matter which range of age you belong to everyone could feel varying degrees of loneliness . Once this devil comes out the accurate countermeasure is to end it . Achieving this we have diverse methods .

Some flocks choose to eat more when they meet loneliness which is , i admit is also my previous act , unscientific and irrational .

Frankly , Loneliness is an emotional issue , It can not be removed by eating or some other surface behaviors . The society is putting more focus on caring the people who felt lonely and offering some proven to be effective methods to end loneliness .

Multiple ways to end loneliness , Actually it is a way if there is a way . Each way is effective to each individual . For instance , an article i found on enlisted 7 ways to deal with people`s loneliness , like Take up a new activityTalk to someone about how you’re feeling , being a Volunteer Reach out to those around you – even if they are not lonely Identify those most at risk of lonelinessLocal loneliness plansMeasure what works .Those all linked to  social activities and the cognition of Self-worth . Meeting people and making friends , enrich themselves through making contributions to society , forming an invisible link , simultaneously effect on between individual and collective . ( Click the underlined part to read the article ).

There could never be a method-termination of ending our loneliness , many people maybe you are the one fighting with this invisible killer , do you have some effectively brand new methods ? Tell us , those lonely birds .

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