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Thursday, January 22, 2015

editor`s letter 03

The 19th day of 2015 , get the awareness of time`s speed but why i still in the thought of what-the-hell ? I do not know but i do care about what going on any aspects around your life , for me it is ok so far , hoping this so-far could last longer longer and longer ...

I need to pay my way off to take over a job , not a fancy one but a necessary one . I overestimate my energies thinking that i can still keep posting 5+ posts on my website per week , finally i can not , but 3 instead , en maybe 4 . Suck this . 

The most important thing so for is that me and my x boyfriend forgive each other and being friends which in my opinion is blessed and humanism . Still love him .

Forget kim kardashian for periods , especially her issue for paper magazine , it is dull . Kar-ian would love to do anything to get public attention from every exposure . 2015 is going to be fruitful , less than a month we had Jona Didion shots for Céline , and then Justin Bieber underwear-ed for Calvin Klein . It is not the body shape , if it is , this job will be taken over by some top hot models , it is Justin`s influences within his fame and his abilities of producing topics . I found a dynamic image , really eye-catching .

Spring 2015 , white dress is the one to watch , and suede skirts would be on trend . What`s on the trends for makeup ? I`m not sure , You can tell me .  I am gonna to cook dinner , see you .

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