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Saturday, January 31, 2015

daily edition , 31/01/2015

The last day of January 2015 , the air is full of the chill frozen wind , my landlord , her uncle , aunt and i are heading to a weekly stalls market down near our district . 

It is life , It is all 
To be proven that we 4 people are totally market-aholics ,the excitements are obviously to see . The fact is that this is not a fashion-related issue or some kinda of pop cultures , it is life , observing costumers` shopping action , sellers` peddling methods , has strong impacts and inspiration on the explanation of people`s behaviors . I have been heart that many artists get inspirations or simple thoughts when walking around markets or some specific bazaars , all get proven to be true based on today`s experience of market visiting .

Market Culture , Life Revelation

Those two are my friend aka landlord and her aunt , they are discussing the seafood listed right front them . People , especially when they are cooperated to do something , communication appears upon the situation . Effectively avoiding the conflict and prejudice . 

My uncle found this special pram , the babies are warmly protected inside it with safeties . I name them "hothouse babies" .

A fishmonger carries her skillful packaging abilities to meet everyone needs , she is respected by her professional operation , which i think comes form the years of experiences and maybe it is a message that tells she loves her job , that seems to be the matter .

People with family numbers , children carried by their parents grouped in teams , they discussing about , searching for their necessities . It is the love in harmony .

The fruit family attached to natural color tones catching a lot of attentions from crowds . It is an inadvertent decor along the market street , turning on the hope of life . 

With his warm smiles i think you can perceive his ardors as a pedlar . We paid for his goods-some fruits , the happiness written on his look , it is the pleasure from making income , the pleasure from enjoying life`s essence - "Contentments"

My adorable landlord is hunting for her shoes , form the pairs i see the 40`s-50`s style , more favourable with the age elder 40+ . Do not get them , my friend .

Head back home , i reminded of my recent issue - Four days ago , i was sent to hospital . My mental breakdown caused my shortness of breath and numb limbs.I am planning to visit a psychologist , who`s job is to remove my unhealthily negative thoughts and attitudes . For paying way off , or some other issues , many people , i observed today , with optimism to face what had happened or will happen around their daily life . Realizing that it isn`t a thing unless you treat it is a thing . Now i am calling to cancel the appointment with that psychologist. The experience of market culture educates me .
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