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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The habits that admit your adulthood

The process , it is like , from left : babyhood - childhood - teenagerhood - adulthood . Apparently seeing the image . The age judging , the body size measuring . Easily can tell the current period in our life

When we thinking about our habits , here referring to the similar ones in your different -hood . One day you suddenly realized the way you thinking , the methods you are dealing with the current issues or the tiny reaction-changes when came to your usual habits , which are trending to the opposite , literally your habits shifted to be with maturities .

Adulthood Habits : I am 25 , my age is accepted by adulthood , but i , just now read an article - "Further Secrets Of Adulthood-For Habits" acknowledged that it is the habits not age admits our adulthood .

For example , "by giving something up , we gain" . This saying accompanied our whole growth , but when you can actually achieve the essence of it ? 

Here is the one i still ask what the fuck ? "Self-regard isn't selfish" . The two self-s can easily get people confused and misunderstand . 

"The biggest waste of time is to do well something that we need not to do at all" . I failed here many times . 

Author Gretchen Rubin enlisted many habits(thoughts)referred to adulthood , when reading them you can make a conclusion which one admits that you are an adult . Test your adulthood go here .


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