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Thursday, January 01, 2015

you might forget something

- Conservative expression , the title. Actually you forgot massive things . Do not give a slap on face , millions of brain cells died off , it is normal in this case . By now you are way desire to know the "forgotten things". In the end , you will be instead desire to give me a face-slap or slaps . If so you are forgetting "courtesy thing".

Thing A - Becoming a reader

Now , a reader is screaming : Oh , i get it , the so called "things" is related to this site . I am screaming : Oh , you are so smart , so why do not you follow my steps ? I see only those Prestigious sites got tens of subscribers via emails . So far this site got two or three bookings ? En ~ you see it is fine with me , but not fine with you , why ? Look around the web , the design , the thoughts through the articles , it is unparalleled web-atmosphere. Ok i exaggerated a little bit i deserved a slap . If you are subscribing this site right above the article located a form you can easily fill you email address in then click submit , done . You are luckily becoming a reader of this site , you will be kept informed every move of the site , the new released articles . Remember you are not making some deals with the site or the author behind the site , you are making some big deals with opinions on fashion , culture and life .

Things B - Let your thoughts flying high
Daily readers coming and going , some of them wrote comments here or there , some produced opinions in their brain and kept to themselves , some otherwise left nothing , but are still welcome to be part of the web traffics . Since you spent your drinking-coffee time or kissing-boyfriend time subscribing this site , you should make those time meaningful . Here are two ways to achieve this .

1, Of course , leave comments or comments . This is not constrained . Commenting your lines on any writing pieces or tell me your advice on this website .

2, Are you a smart guy or girl with opinions ? If you are , This site loves you . Some of you still remembered me calling for submission

Hello everyone , if you think you have made something : article , video , DIY , collage images or anything that related to fashion and culture which infiltrates specific opinion please do not be shy , submit it to this address : . Thanks a lot .

Thing C -  01 January
Sure i am stupid , unless you got some big events that day , who could remember or cares what had happened that day ? Now if you excuse me i am gonna tell you that today this website "fashion&culture diary" is two years old . Started on 01 January 2013 , two years of experiencing writing and editing , 10,0000+ pageviews , lovely readers , professional cooperation need to say more than thanks ? Just thanks from the bottom of my heart and my ass . Kidding ~~~ . I know you , the readers love this site , you do not need to buy some gifts to the author ( if you insist then thank you ) but instead of continuing reading around the web . 

You can forget the "things" above , but how can you forget "shopping things" ?

From Left:
Peter Pilotto Kristen printed cotton-blend cloqué dress , Equipment Brett embellished washed-silk shirt , Current/Elliot , The Ankle Skinny coated mid-rise skinny jeans , Alexander Wang , Rockie metallic textured-leather shoulder bag.

From Left:

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