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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Movie "the interview" tells those rumors or might be the truth about North Korea and Kim Jong-un

All they the rumors or truth ?

We have been heard that interview host and a Journalist are planning an specially exclusive interview , for which , they are necessary to fly straightly to the most dangerous and mysterious country in the whole world - North Korea . 

This interview is 100% an eye catching and thoughts catching one , me included , a lot of people googled some data about North Korea and its supreme leader Kim Jong-Un , what you can dig out are those information with little values . Like Kim Jong-un used to study in Switzerland , and his classmates described him as " a good student , and a basketball fan ... No official comprehensive biography on Kim Jong-un . 

This interview process is implemented in the new movie "The Interview" , leading the globally audiences a pack of wholly tend-to-be-truth rumors about North Korea and Kim Jong-Un .

Rumors a , host Dave Skylark`s lines said to Kim`s private secretary : I am very interested in the history of your nation , i hear that absolutely everyone here is-is starving to death . While that secretary responded : This is a common misconception .

Rumors b , Dave continues his words : I do not know about that , but this one is the one that i heard , i heard he ( Kim Jong-Un ) does not pee or poo . Here comes the ridiculous part , secretary said that : Kim Jong-Un works so hard , he burns the energy from inside . Dave : You-you are telling my man does not have to take a poo ? Does-does he have a butthole ? The answer is : He dose not have a butthole , he has no need for one .

Rumors c , Finally meet Kim , and Kim invites Dave to have a tour inside a tank , from where Kim asked : Do you think that margaritas are gay , because they are so sweet ? Dave : Was your father the one who said that margaritas are gay ? Kim : He said my brothers and i were all too feminine , that our luxurious life styles turned us into homosexuals. I do not worry about that anymore , because guess what i get tons of - Pussies .

Rumors d , this is more nationally , during the interview , host Dave released a set of serious queries : Why do not you feed your people ? They are Hungry . Specifically , two-thirds of them ? Isn`t that a little embarrassing since you are the one they view as a provider and god ? And you spend most billion of dollars on nukes every year ? And you have 16 million people who are starving ?

Those sounds like rumors more , but No smoke without fire . Whatever , i am having fun , aren`t you ?

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