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Sunday, February 01, 2015

when get loneliness , i choose to do ... you can do too ...

Just three hours ago i had emails communication with my x-boyfriend , i got the message told that he can be a friend for me , sweetly refused me , i know he still has feelings for me , but after something happened he just lost the confidences in love and had told me before he quits searching for love . Periods , i get so upset - his response , i am trying to get him back , the result is not what i have in mind . I felt so lonely , in the room by myself , no friends sending cares , thinking a lot of vague things finally fall asleep . 

When i wake up , my emotion trends to be normal a little bit , but what if those devil thoughts came back ? I need to focus myself doing something . 

Turning on computer , first comes to mind is my annual TV shows - I am choosing "two and half men" , then maybe i will watch a Korean sitcom (not sure the official English name). They all bring me good memory and laughing .

Before those shows get ready for watching , i am subscribing some sites and get some refreshing things to beautify my mind . 

Here are :

AnOther magazine makes itself very exclusive , some sections like "Loves" as they explains : Beautiful things we love and love to share".I love what they love 

- a photograph "Parlour games"
image via AnOther Magazine

-A campaign "Achilles Ion Gabriel campaign S15"

Image via AnOther Magazine

 -A bag "Glove bag by Jean Charles de Castelbajac, 1984"

More loves from this section via .

Fill in my heart , those positions , is necessary with those inconceivable things , besides , i am often in the imagination , now i am in the process - One day i will be the editor in chief at ~magazine , i have my love , my soul mate , i will get tens of knitwear which is like my uniform ......

I choose to do those things when loneliness appears , you can do the same , and i bet you have your individual methods to clean your loneliness away , so wanna share ? 

Choose To Shopping 

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