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Thursday, February 05, 2015

causal edition 03

A - Prada Universe , where you see a future achieve 

Advanced Prada launched an online high-specification catalog showcasing everything , seasonal women/men collections , campaigns , a looking back through the years . There , around the universe , those Prada achieves-makers from Glen Luchford and Kristen McMenamy to Steven Meisel and Daria Werbowy , created history yet will become a future achieve . 

You do not desire to roam around Prada`s Universe ? You are welcome . Here is the entrance to the universe .

B - " Art " is a matter of complexity , either is human emotion . We are not an artist but all get emotional touch by the sense of artwork .Some art exhibitions hit the museums showcasing the varying visual impact and emotional resonance . One exhibition straightly reveals the essence within art . Artist Marlene Dumas , from South African  , brings her years-through paintings exhibited in Europe , "Emotion As Art" - the exhibition hold at London’s Tate Modern .

Marlene Dumas, Mamma Roma, 2012 Courtesy of Kunsthalle Bielefeld and Tate Modern

A whoop at exploring a complex range of human emotions, the questions of gender, race and sexuality . Click here for the acknowledge of Marlene Dumas and her exhibition Emotion As Art.

Causal Shopping 

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