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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

editor`s letter 04

Royal Wang
Founder/Writer/Editor Behind The

I never felt so great ... ( Explain later )

But first :

The entrance of the second month of 2015 , i found myself especially notice the process of 2015`s going . Maybe because i am coming to a pivotal age of life - 26 , a age a one my opinion should seriously start to make a schedule marked some projects : * A career wealthy to do with the rest of your 30 , 40 years , maybe more if you are healthy enough . * Love affair , this is not a rookie issue , but i mean people`s attitudes and behaviors towards to love is unpredictably evolving . * To take a ride on an introspection . To revamp those deadlocks of the relationships between you and your friends , family numbers , anyone you cares and loves . * Last , but most significant , enjoy life , in any aspects . 

Explain : My lifetime career , was settled down at my age of 12 , the moment i picked up Vogue China , then , fashion issues are melted into my soul . But it took 10+ years the first opportunity comes , accurately , i found the opp-ity . Two days ago i emailed 5 Milan-based stylists , then the next day i got one reply from a female stylist , the reply writes : Hi , Royal , it is really nice to read your email , would you like to have a coffee this week ? The up coming meeting means she is curious about me and my pieces of work sent through that email . One moment i was so despair , the door leading to fashion industry seems hiding deeply somewhere in the black hole , just give one more try the door is trending to be touchable , openable . 

Love affair , I can perceive someone is loving me , just we can not be together this moment , the fact knowing that you two in mutual heart felt really fantastic .

About the introspection , this is what i am planning on doing recently , last year , my interpersonal relationship could not be worse . Sometimes my temper , my personality , my reaction towards to current issues could make me irrational .

Of course , enjoy life , a non-stop topic , someone hopes me to be happy , enjoy life , always follow my heart , all those make sense , but , for the fulfill , i am trying my best .

All in all , my life is turning a round to a better side at the beginning of the new year . That is the matter .

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