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Friday, February 27, 2015

causal notes

Two weeks , actually 13 days - life in Milan , Italy . Yesterday when i stared at the ticket i bought , felt so coincidental , counting to the 13th, Mar , it has happened to be three years of my life in Italy , No more or less . Early "good bye" , Italy . I activate my brain cells to remind me , to think of experiences - Previous days , my life grouped within two parts - 1. Suck life - Having those lessons - meaningless , doing part-time jobs - pointless . 2. Life with hopes - The whole things around my life in Italy almost subverted my original plans , with some poor hopes i stick to my ground - 1300+ days passed , the ground is still here, in my heart, but the hopes are drowned .

Writing some pieces , observing people faces - two things i fancy most , my writing are the ones from the versions on my website , about observing people faces - so interesting , you know , like today i was seeking goods around supermarket , where crowded some stacks walking around in no regular orders . A guy , leads his sights scanning around my body from head to toe , make me read his mind - En , beautiful boy , from which country ? How dose his ass taste like ? Elevator to down stair & elevator to up stair , offering the natural encounter in short moments of people facing each other . I faced to two elder ones , my brain pictured what could they had experienced in previous ages ? - Every story editions make sense , gosh , life is too short to waste it . I am 26 , still in the process of figuring out my life deals . I really need to fight with the hours - daily , monthly , yearly ...

Causal Shopping 

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