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Sunday, February 01, 2015

sunday links

Links here , Sunday linked to those issues to complete your industry acknowledges .

Link A - For Menswear A/W 15 , some artists inspires those collections

AnOther Magazine through its Art&Culture section introduced us a kinda of industry file . While some designers created some retro-costumes-inspired collections , some others on the contrary made cooperation with variety artists . Comme des Garcons featuring South African photographer Roger Ballen , whose dark creepy drawings were etched onto the backs of white coats at Comme des Garcons .(as you can see below)

Image Via AnOther

This is a tip of the iceberg of art-inspired collections . The Issue Link : Menswear A/W15: The Artists That Inspired the Collections.

Link B - Another industry hero passed away in Berlin at age of 84

He is Will McBride , for someone does not know , he is a legendary photographer who Dazeddigital describes was an icon capturing sexuality and the tenderness of adolescence . 

A shooting piece of Will McBride , via Dazedigital

The Link : Legendary photographer Will McBride dies aged 84

Link C - New research on binge-watching TV 

Until reading over the news i admit that my behavior of watching TV is more than a identity of television lover . When the situation comes to the standard of binge-watching TV - sitting on coach watching TV series episode after episode which researcher pointed that you maybe be depressed , lonely and sad that leading your sight on TV for hours . Surprise ? I think it makes sense .

Image Vis Dazeddigital

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