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Monday, February 16, 2015

NYFW , catching up ...

Not living in NYC , Not a industry-persona , trying to keep abreast of current runway affairs . 

A bunch of small labels debuted their style-expressions early last week , which i named it NYFW`s (New York Fashion Week) foreplay . Those two or three days i felt i can not catch up the current runway shows which i do think is the theme of NYFW - A set of well favored brands started to stage . I catching up bus to work , catching up time to meet my friends , catching up some hook up , how can i not  (as a ready-to-work persona (in fashion) catch up the shifts of the most attractive runways performances .

Thanks to those press , media, even later-printed fashion magazines - offering the informative reports during fashion weeks , newly moving of brands , re-edited issues told by those fancy yet retro-cool pieces . 

Runway 360 , do you know ? Now you should know . A section on gives the dynamic vision of runway moments + more . 

runway walking (image shifts left , streaming video right) , beauty details , front row scene , collection-accessories , even instagram updates , it is a modernized method of runway report .

Now , you can experience Runway 360 through Alexander Wa

Shopping , Catching up ...
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