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Monday, February 23, 2015

editor`s letter 06

First, i am so glad for Julianne Moore , her acting in movie "Still Alice" scored best actress at Oscar Academy Award . Also congratulation to "Birdman" , the biggest Oscar night`s winner .

Then , shifting to personal channel , my new phone get robbed three days ago , when i was writing messages to my friend at the entrance of subway , it was midnight darkness , besides someone told me before Milan is not in a good security , many people get robbed , goods no matter they are in good value or not get stolen . Terrorist Group ISIS visiting Italy , i am wondering what will they do after Pair`s affair ? I am in the process booking ticket flowing back to my country China , a place , searching for safety , maybe just temporary .

Yeah , i know , it is fashion week time , based on personal mood , today i am gonna take fashion issue away . ( I am kidding , do not believe me ) I will review tons of news then collect into this website .

I am not interested in almost everything recently , but Vogue released a video - Taylor Swift vs Karlie Kloss - Who`s the best best friend ? Thought: How magic their relationship could be , media would launch an exclusive clip to advocate ? I think it has some hidden messages .

Facing to current life , your situation , always be honest , which is a smart choice . I , in fact , not in a good mental state , i took medicine to control my breathes , to clam down . Writing this issue with vary thoughts on mind , some can be rarely caught . I mainly thinking about people in this modern society , the interpersonal trust , feeling so scaring that you found actually you have no one to trust with everything . Sucks to be me , sucks to be this society . The negative messages is not what i suppose to transform , but the truth of life ,  the reflection of human nature .

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