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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a penny for my thoughts ...

Thoughts 1: People who frequently visit my blog must notice that i rarely write a post about myself even simply launch some myself images.I have explained reason why this coming- i do not think my style is kinda of impressive.But yesterday i self-take some images in front of mirror because i need to figure out what is tomorrow`s uniform(i usually pick up uniform in advance).And when the images come out to my sight i suddenly feel that fee i look like i am bryanboy (i am not saying bryan and i are alike,i am saying the way and the atmosphere bryan and i has something in common).

Thoughts 2: I almost have dream every night,i mean different dreams (sweet dreams,nightmares ect ...),sometimes i chose to dream because dreaming is so interesting and way exciting.For example,i once dreamed that i had a great sex with David Beckham.And once i dreamed i killed all the people i hated ect... Every time when i wake up from a dream i hope the dream that i was dreaming will come true !

*Written By Royal Wang

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