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Monday, March 17, 2014

recently,sine last Friday ...

-This post is like my personal diary,first,every Friday,i need to go to a Chinese restaurant for my part-time job,which is like frying something,you know so dangerous,and at this moment,Milan`s temperature is going to a higher level which you can imagine working at Kitchen is like surrounding around fireballs.On Saturday,i get injured caused by the boiling oil,the moment i get scalded there is a blister on my arm but i think that was sickening and then i peel that blister-cuticle which you can see my wound below.And it hurts and still sickening right?

I feel guilty because every time when i come back from work i feel so so exhausted to go to school,like today i chose not to go to school,i really need sleeping,a long sleeping ... 

As i feel boring and in a bad mood i check out what going on on YouTube and i am so into Mariah Carey`s new single "You`re are mine",thank you Mariah for saving me from a bad mood.

*Written By Royal Wang

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