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Thursday, March 20, 2014

compliments to suzy menkes ...

-We all know the industry news that Suzy Menkes joins Condé Nast International which means we can read her articles all over the international Vogue websites,and for this legendary fashion journalist,here are 15 compliments to Suzy Menkes

“Suzy has been a fixture on the front row of my fashion shows for so many years now I sometimes feel like our professional lives are inextricably intertwined and we have been on this great journey together. I also enjoy her sense of humour and irony present in her writing, I always read her articles with great interest as she has an unrivalled knowledge of fashion.” Giorgio Armani
“Suzy Menkes was an honorary member of the jury at the Antwerp Academy in 1998 when I presented my end of studies collection. She was also there when, six years later, I presented my first collection under my own label. For these two events, her presence was extremely important as well as stressful and encouraging. Suzy Menkes is a model of journalistic rectitude. She says what she thinks and that is something I have the highest respect for.” Kris Van Assche
“Suzy has really elevated the status of fashion, making it a true part of culture. Unlike most writers she is able to detect the genuine essence of designers, always writing in the context of each designer’s evolution. Her passion seems to re-kindle itself endlessly always lighting up others’ lives as a result.” Hussein Chalayan 

“Suzy Menkes is a touchstone in fashion. She has and continues to push boundaries and designers with her wealth of experience and encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion.” Edward Enninful

“Suzy Menkes is one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. Internationally recognised for her incredible contribution to fashion and journalism, Suzy Menkes’ opinion is highly respected throughout the fashion world. I am very grateful for her support over the years.” 
Tommy Hilfiger
“Suzy Menkes is one of the most revered and feared fashion critics of today, her opinion counts full stop. As a young designer, for Suzy to even write and include your collection in her reviews is an honour in its own right.” Christopher Kane
“She knows about fashion and the making of more than many, many other journalists I don’t quote... She is ‘unpredictable’, what makes things often kind of ‘strange’, but it’s fun. She is pretty good with words and the use of them in all kind of directions – not always in the sweetest way... but seeing so many collections – what can one say...”
Karl Lagerfeld
 Maison Martin Margiela
“Suzy is one of the few remaining true fashion journalists in our industry and that demands some respect. She teaches as she writes and we all learn from her.“ Stella McCartney
“Until recently Suzy had only been a silent but reassuring presence in my professional life. I sat next to her at the Topshop dinner recently and learned what a funny, dry and kind person she is and how that informs her writing. To me she’s a bit like a human fashion version of Wikipedia.” Richard Nicoll
“Suzy adds a firmly gracious note to what can otherwise at times be shrill proceedings...” 
Rick Owens
“I am amazed at the energy, dedication and attention that she puts into her writing; she’s a real authority... I am always afraid of her critiques.” Miuccia Prada
“Suzy has a unique value of designer’s creativity, concept and personal style - as well as the craft, something that is often not the focus of critics these days. Understanding how all these qualities co- exist takes true fashion knowledge and journalistic skill. Suzy has a strong personality and her own amazing look, but at the same time remains approachable, someone you’d like to get to know, it’s a balance that fashion sometimes lacks and that’s what makes Suzy so special." Stuart Vevers
“She is too much! But just enough for us!” Sonia Rykiel
“Suzy has been present for so many fashion births (and deaths!) she could be fashion’s official record keeper. In an industry that’s notorious for having no memory she’s like a vault and she can easily pull from these archives to make sense of that which is parading down the runways. If we liken fashion to a laptop, you could say she’s like the external hard drive that backs its files up! The thing I adore about Suzy is how inquisitive her mind is and how sincere her heart is. As so much of today’s fashion journalism has become disposable and trite, Suzy is like a bottle of water in an arid desert – indispensable.” 
Jeremy Scott

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