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Monday, March 24, 2014

my spring tunes ...

-Yesterday when after work i laying down and listening to the tunes on my phone and i suddenly realize that there are few of tunes i almost constantly listen to in this beautiful springtime,so they are no doubt my spring tunes.

"Counting Star" One Republic,i am so crazy in love the crisp melody of this song,and the MTV is so creative,besides those,i think the leading singer is way cutely handsome.

"Dark Horse" Katy Perry,to sad that so far the candy-chick have not received a Grammy award but i just love her song,i sing dancing in my room and her new single "Dark Horse" as always catch my ears,Katy you rock.

"Beautiful" Mariah Carey,Mariah is my over-one-decade idol and this Beautiful,the melody is easy to sing with especially in love with the Mariah`s "dolphin sounds" at the ending part.

"Happy" Pharrell Williams,just like the song,happy,so happy,the happy melody,and also the video have you watched? So interesting,just check out below.

"Adore you" Miley Cyrus,at first i am not so into this song but after listening to this song over and over again i just can not help singing along over and over again.And oh,plus,i do adore Miley`s new style,so rock.

*Behind the scene:The inspiration of this post based on Bryanboy`s new post-"Springtime Listening" ,thank you Bryan for inspiring me.(Click below like to read Bryanboy`s new post)


*Written By Royal Wang

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