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Thursday, March 27, 2014

style trend {socks&sandals what makes you rock the uptown street}

-In my opinion,socks are so sporty and also our daily needs,sandals are so funky,stylish.When socks meet sandals and those two styled together i guess your style must be Sporty+Modern=uptown-Street Rock "N' Roll style.Oh yeah,just when what i am thinking, the beloved releases a story about socks&sandals named Socks "N' Sandals so let`s see how the socks&sandals  rock that uptown street.

The key you style yourself with socks&sandals is the "colors" you need to control your "color palette" of your whole style,i suggest that you should balance your socks color and your sandal color with our outfits colors in smilar hues.So far if you still do not understand see the examples below

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

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