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Monday, March 10, 2014

Recently ...

-Recently,no specific dates,some events activate my brain cells and other events touch the deeper corner of my soul.

-Chanel Atmosphere 

Even a new-born baby knows Karl`s talents,Karl has been wowed us countless times before,and i bet many of us must wonder what Karl will present to the Paris stage.A supermarket,you know for my age,i do not know if the "supermarket" scene was staged on a runway show,when Karl does so,it is attractive.To be frank,i have this idea setting a supermarket as a runway stage for a long time,i always fantasy that some chic dressing ladies wandering around a supermarket and i do think wandering round a supermarket is very funky behavior,every time when i walk into a supermarket i feel so exciting and i will now and now and then i will adjust my postures,you know like a model,Ha full of interests.When Karl makes "supermarket" indeed happen on a runway,i do think my fantasy is rational.

-I May Not Have Charms
I admit here that i am so so hungry for love,i mean a real love relationship not for sex only,i know sex is way important and i adore sex so much.Those days,since last week i`ve been sick,until now i still have a terrible cough.I motion my illness bcz i do desire a guy who can take care of me (oh my god,writing this line makes me crying crying crying ...).I mean gash where are you guys? So far a lot of guys come to me said that i am beautiful but why do not you guys ask to be my boyfriend? I hate you,you,and you.Second thought,i may not have charms,yeah,that is the reason i blame on my charmless,fuck,what am i suppose to do ? I was born this way,without charms,screw you,god. 

 on the begging of the March some {natural and manmade disasters} rage this plant,in those disasters,including "Chinese Terrorist violence Attack" and “Malaysia Airplane Missing”.Let pray for those who lost their lives and bless for those who still may get chance of survival.Wish the world peace,people safe !

*Written By Royal Wang

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