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Friday, March 21, 2014

Vivienne Westwood,an eco warrior

 -Yesterday, Vivienne Westwood led an Anti-Fracking  demonstration through the streets of London.And i-D reported live

*Description:On Wednesday 19th March, i-D hit the streets of London with Dame Vivienne Westwood to take part in the capital’s biggest anti-fracking march. Why? Because in Vivienne Westwood's own words, “We must stop the government from forcing fracking on people!” Vivienne led the crowd, from Battersea, to the King’s Road and onto Knightsbridge, with cries of “Frack off!” and “Join the revolution!” Her 180 demonstrators, which included many of her own employees, dressed up colourfully to reflect our toxic future and carried signs reading “We Need to Talk About Fracking!” “What’s Good for the Planet is Good for the Economy,” and “Go Frack Yourself!”(Quoted from i-D online)

-About the fracking,as Vivienne told i-D "Fracking, as Westwood has educated us, is a process that drills water into the earth and rocks in order to release gas and oil. This water, however, comes at a great environmental cost and releases gasses into the atmosphere that are potentially carcinogenic and harmful. "We're not being told the whole truth about fracking in the UK when we are told that it's safe," Vivienne told i-D. "There are threats to our countryside, our water and our health. We are running headlong towards climate change and more fossil fuels is not a solution!" (*Click here to read the whole report of "Fracking")

-This was the second eco-action that Vivienne recently took,first,on 18th,March,Vivienne Westwood took a steamy shower in public for PETA in a video for world water day ...

-In this Vivienne shower video,Vivienne labels herself as "Eco Warrior",truly,she is,within three days,Vivienne aggressively engaged in "Eco Protection",and we all admire Vivienne Westwood.

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

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