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Thursday, March 06, 2014

"cats"the memory returns to milan ...

-This is a totally dream-come-true,the legendary musical "cats,the memory returns" which is written by Andrew Lloyd Webber returns to Italy,Milan,and in its original English version.I could remember since i was a little boy the first time i watched some clips of "cats" i was amazed by the music, the stage make-ups,and the story,i once with my twins brother made a wish that one day,we do not where,but we will try our best to watch the "cats" live show,if counts the time,This has been a wish of ten-years.Fortunately,i get the information that "cats" the memory returns to Milan,so today after school i go to purchase the "cats" ticket,based on my financial situation,i have to buy the lowest price,but it does not matter,i still appreciate god brings "cats" to Milan,and i can make my dream come true.Now i just hope time flies 10 times than usual,flies to 27th,March, the day when "cats" takes stage.

*I purchase the ticket of "cats"

-The forever theme-song of "cats" " Memory",i believe you guys must have listened to,and i can not wait to listen to the live version of "Memory".

*Written By Royal Wang
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