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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5 things to know 01

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A. Next thing to shop-Calf-Hair bag
-After a big circle of Spring 2015 runway shows we can Predict a Phenomenon of Calf-Hair`s return. The bag debuted at some shows like Dires Van Noten, Roberto Cavalli. The essence of Calf-Hair bag is its nomadic Style. With the Eco-natural color matching up every garment. (Click here to buy)

B.A tote breaks traditions-Rei Kawakabo refreshed Louis Vuittion Monogram
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-The 160 anniversary is approaching, Louis Vuitton enlisted six designers to redesign the classic Monogram. Among the six wizards including the Comme des Garçons designer-Rei Kawakabo. Rei is the one who is courageous to break the boundaries of design. For this cooperation, She said:" I simply made some holes in the fabric of the bag. I generally like small bags…I was looking for some new design, something that hadn’t been done before, something within the limits of possibility.? Remember this chic-grunge, maybe a hit.

c.Opinion-Turn your stored-unwanted garments into cash
-With the style trends gone leaving us tens of out-of-trendy garments. Before you do your routine throwing them away measuring the inside-values of them being a second-merchandises. Reselling your unwanted garments online is worthy premeditating. Washington Post has listed some websites of selling-garments, which has the possibilities of bringing you some incomes. As far as i know someone has made a big earning , and it is not exaggerating, you should give a try. (Click here to read the list)

D.Fashion market-Forever 21 Launches "Simpsons" inspired collection.

-The enduring animation "Simpsons" will sweep market and evoke your appetites of purchase. According to New York Post, a "Simpsons" inspired collection by bran Forever 21 is poised to take off on Thursday. The collection covers a set of T-shirts, tanks and sweaters which featuring the numbers of "Simpson" family and retailed from $15 to $23. You can click into Forever 21 to have a early peek at this collection.

E.Big bang-Jean Paul Gaultier says goodbye to Ready-To-Wear collction
-Happened in Pairs earlier, the iconic designer Jean Paul Gaultier who amuses fashion with art and ethnic culture announced his retiring from Ready-To-Wear collection. This event was given some explanations by the industry and Gaultier himself. Click into New York Post to have a A comprehensive understanding of this big bang.

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