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Monday, October 20, 2014

letter to my friend-"Two and a half men" clan

- Night, alone at home , holding a cup of milk in hands, a thought suddenly comes around my brain- At the same night, same moment , what are my friends doing ? Are they doing so well ? Haven`t my friend Angela extricated herself from her relationship with that unreliable boyfriend ? Does Tom get that decent job ? Or how are my classmates` studies going ? Will they pass the final exam ? Oh god , there are too many friends , too much cares and i can not cover them all. There is one , in fact it is a big clan, which i know more than a decade. How is everything going around their life ? Recently , some sadness , i have heart that one number of this clan passed away . Anything else happened ? In front of my computer i decide to write a letter to this clan , my dear friend-"Two and a half men".

Dear Friend:
Remember me ? Your fans , more like a royal friend. Thinking that time is very impatient that countless hours within a decade had flown away .But i do think it all worthy when imagining every piece of our precious memories were engraved on this timeline . You are a family with several numbers. Do you know ? "Two and a half men" , I am such a lucky dog that i found a cordial family picture here , Haha ... Staring at the picture recalls me so much memories brought by each any one of you . Please allow me to express my emotion to every individual by my salutes .

Alan Harper , let me just call you Allen . Yep , you . Let us catch up a little bit . You poor devil , your life never used to be a good one , I guess god must enjoy cursing you . You carry your not-so-many dignities living with your brother , Charlie , from whom you suffered lots of mocking words . And in his beach house , from where , for surviving , you keep offering complaisance to the others , even that housekeeper, Berta counts. How can i get tired of your sense of humor ? Still remember the conversations between you and your puppet which tells how your loneliness. And do not be so sad , your mum does love you , its just her love is unusual , it is not anther one. For you son , what should i say ? One line enough-Moon to be useful. Under your happy skin i can see a devastated heart . But what i can learn from you is that you always be optimistic to start dealing with anything happened in your life , because you know it is what life all about-Where there is life there is hope.

Charlie Harper , if i guess right you are getting laid with some young hot girls who you do not even know or care their names . Please take a rest and read my letter . You do have some problems , big problems . For your own , go to a hospital to get a comprehensive physical examination . I know you must call me lunatic . drinking too much , getting laid too much make you are being killed physiologically gradually . For your family , my advice is open your heart to your family or friends (even though i did not see you have some friends) . Accepting Alan and his son proves your generosity , then in the name of god please be a big man in your language behavior. Especially with your mum , Evelyn Harper , there are many wars of words between you two. But you should know she is the one sleeps with both men and women . Just treat her with special respect .

Jake Harper , you are so cute in this family picture . I suddenly recall that your uncle Charlie named you as " Mr.Fart". You can frat out different flavors , so you deserve this label . They say like father like son , i say like uncle like nephew. You get the same over-enthusiasm on seeing girls` breasts . I know it is normal in boy`s behavior , but you should pay more attention to your study. I have been heart that you are keeping downgrading in school ? You need to know you are the only hope of your father , Alan . When you can grow up to be a real man ? At this moment all you want are girls , food and video games . I have told your father that "moon to be useful" , you should believe that. I see you have a great talent on making jokes which sometimes people can not understand . Package your jokes and edit them into a "Jake humor quotations" which may be found a great inspiration of television sitcom.

To the rest family members , Jutith Harper-Melnick , actually i do not know you so well except knowing that you are Alan`s first wife , Jake`s not-very-responsible mother . Hey , i have been heart that you just birthed a second child, so i guess congratulations. Remember Berta once said that hoping this time you can keep this baby away from those chemical products ? She is so mean right? Speaking of Berta , i bet you are the the strongest housekeeper in the whole universe. Sometime i just get confused if you are the house owner. What i love about you is that you are a independent woman with feminism. You dare to love , dare to hate. Even though, i can see a lonely soul in the deep of your heart. Berta, i just wanna say: You are a terrific woman and you deserve a man to merry. It is your turn Evelyn Harper. I know you are a high-power Los Angeles realtor , you smart , you have a high sense of style , and you must be so wealthy. But those can not become your excuses of being sarcastic to others. You are very neurotic by your languages and behaviors. But i can see you are a caring woman and have a warm heart which you are not good at letting people feel it . You cover your emotion of your son, Charlie`s death , but i know you must be so sad about it. I am sorry for you lost.

I got the news that a young handsome rich man took over Charlie`s beach house. Walden Schmidt right? And i have even heard that what is going on that house is so similar to the situation when Charlie lives there. So interesting. And oh , Charlie had a daughter ? Her name is Jenny. And people told me that this girl shares the same personalities and interests with her father, i mean their sexuality-they both sleep with women. Jake is serving in the army, you must miss him , Alan. We all miss you little Mr.fart.

Well, very enough for the writing. I can not care and ask so much within one letter. Wish you all the luck my friends. The letters, to be continued ...

Sincerely , Royal Wang

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