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Thursday, October 23, 2014

5 things to know 02

A."Baby don`t lie", Gwen Stefani released her new single.  

Since her last hit "Early Winter", it has been six years for the coming of a new single. When i got the news from Nylon online i was so excited and ready to be wowed by Gwen`s punk electronic dance music .And i bet "Baby don`t lie" (You can tune in below) will be a hit . No doubt that . (Click here to read the report)

B."KMO" ,a Kylie Minogue lipstick.

Now , you can Simultaneously tune in Kylie Minogue`s new ablum and wear her lipstick. No other thing more sexier. The lipstick "KMO" which Kylie teams up with a Berlin-based beauty line-Uslu Airlines is in a conjunction with her new album, Kiss Me Once. (You can go here to read more details)

C.Sarah Jessica Parker`s touching tribute to Oscar de la Renta

Everyone gets his own emotion-expression for the death of fashion-senior Oscar de la Renta. As a outsider i got mine tribute. And as a insider what is the reaction gonna be? Hollywood socialite Sarah Jessica Parker,who has been a close friend of Oscar over  fifteen years utters wholeheartedly "I can't remember how I had the courage to be friends with him — he was so otherworldly in a way,". The news posted by Celebuzz,go here to read.

D.A timeline-d detailed understanding of Oscar de la Renta

To get a comprehensive knowledge of Oscar`s lifetime career may well be the best respect to this fashion industry giant. If you think i am right then click into this link to read Oscar`s life listed in timeline.

E.Twenty years of Pulp Fiction,a image gallery of iconic looks and unforgettable characters

I do not believe you had ever heard of "Pulp Fiction". But i do believe most of you must have watched the film numerous times.On 14th,this month,happened to be the 20th anniversary of "Pulp Fiction". Vogue listed a set of image gallery which collects some iconic looks of those unforgettable characters. (Go here)

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