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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Special topic-From fashion bloggers to stylish celebrities

-Through the lens of photographers, Issues edited in stylish magazines,showed up at the front row of every runway show,honored by top fashion designers. Fashion bloggers has became more than some style-impacts but the celebrities.

They all started from running a simple personal-style website , purely showing their tips on styling and then their distinctively not replicated well-dressed postures help to catch tremendous of opportunities and they logically thrive into the remarkable stars of fashion industry. Bloggers like Bryanboy , Rumi Neely, Chiarra Ferrigni shooting and modelling for some garments and accessories brands. And with some rebellious opinions on styling and issue-editing on the "thestylerookie" and the "Rookie" Tavi Gevison is more like a spiritual leader of the young generation. Isn`t it a huge leap to see Elin Kling creates a media platform "NOWMANIFEST" to assemble those blinking stars as a blogger association ?  

Those bloggers contribute to the fashion industry and fashion market by giving some spurs on their blog readers and fashion fans to try some new-baked designs on, which intentionally or unintentionally connives the selling of marketing. 

There is a mutual benefit between bloggers and the fashion-proponents. Bloggers constantly Rack their brains to constitute every piece to evolve into something can be labeled as real trends of fashion, meanwhile they are accumulating more and more readers and fans who regard those bloggers as their stylish idols. What a big win-win.

 lights gathering , crowd jumping. Look, there coming the cele-bloggers (celebrity bloggers).

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