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Monday, October 13, 2014

Tory Burch - a real model of fashion business

-She used to write tens of fashion-article writings for magazines and sites. And also got hired by some topping designers and press , like Ralph Lauren , Vera Wang and Harper`s Bazaar. In 2004, Tory Burch launched her first flagship boutique in New York. By 2014, within ten years, Ms. Burch has built A $3.5 Billion Company. What makes her shorten the cycle of being globally successful is really something worthy to ruminate.

The business miracle started to take off in 2005. First, a line named as "preppy-boho" was created in 2005 , what is exactly like the sprout of "Burch style". From this line, Burch`s chic-sports style Began to take shape. At the same year, she launched Toryburch.comfrom where transmits the spirit and lifestyle of brand. Then , Oprah Winfrey, the queen of talk show praised Tory with the line " The next big thing in fashion".This title is like a strong motor which makes a real influential breakthrough for Tory Burch business.

When turns into 2006, the year which is worth remembering. Tory Burch launched "Reva ballet flat" which named after her actress mother. Long before, the colleague designer Marc Jacobs designed a ballet flat which is kinda of hit in market. But according to some instances of wearing, you maybe feel some foot-aches after couple of hours walking on the ground. Burch`s ballet flat conquers the weakness of Jacobs` one with completely comfortable design-the wearable leather, adorable cookie colors, affordable price at at $195, and the double T logo at the toe,  the "Reva ballet flat" sooner flew off the shelves. Just by two years, sold over 250,000 pairs. 

Like "Burberry trench coat", "Calvin Klein Jeans", "Reva ballet flat" has became a classic design both of the brand itself and fashion industry. Now, eight years later, with the hits of 500,0000 pairs sold worldwide , "Reva ballet flat" is like a must-have product in every girl`s wardrobe. From celebrities to school girls, they wearing this flat when going to office and school.

Celebrities love wearing "Reva ballet flat"

With her chic-sport collection and the outstanding sales results, Tory gradually received some awards, including the Council of Fashion Designers of America the Accessory Designer Of The Year in 2008. Burch beat out heavyweights like Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

In 2009, Burch took a cameo on an episode of "Gossip Girl" as herself and In 2010, she launched a collection of sunglasses. In 2011, Burch made her first debut at New York fashion week. Since then, every new collection is proved to be a topic.

Many a little makes a mickle, with over  136 boutiques opened worldwide Tory carves her name in successful designers map. Tory saw a business opportunity in fashion market- Affordable embellished-feminine collection with confidences. This is "Burch style".

Recording the early days of Troy Burch, it was her experiences of working in fashion industry adds her rich network of fashion industry. It was the Burch style and her Business acumen make her brilliant achievements with  a decade. And i am telling you, Mr Burch seems not to show a sign to stop her fashion territory which is proved by Burch is focused on launching her own line of yoga, running, tennis, and golf apparel and accessories that will debut in spring 2015. She also has a menswear line in the works. What can i say, more surprises coming, which maybe reload the sales records.

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