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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The spirit of chanel - "A aesthetics covered inside the humanism"

If the aesthetics of style are the only thing we can perceive from every Chanel piece, the retro-chic French fashion house won`t be so influential like today. In every new collection, there is something extra-fashion added. Yesterday, September,30. Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld debuts in Pairs fashion week. As always, the collection is the much-anticipated one. The set of the show is designed like a street, but it could not make this collection a maverick comparing to the one based on a set of supermarket. What is unexpected is when comes to the end of the show a group of models marching their way out. Some girls holding boards written with some labels like "Freedom" some others holding a Chanel-loudspeaker shouting slogans. For the details of this collection, some slogans like "Ladies First" , "Make Fashion Not War" are printed on the Chanel bags. The shoes and some pieces are the mestizos fused men&women style which perfectly ingratiate the humanism-theme. Yes, this time, politics. From the past until today, around the world something inequitable staging alternatively. Karl puts his focus on appealling the equality of human rights, especially feminist. So the spirit of Chanel emerges - "A aesthetics covered inside the humanism" .

* Issue edited&written by Royal Wang, all rights reserved !

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