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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

music playlist 01

Bastille - Bad Blood

They used to go to drink in the bar when they are young, they used to do every devil or immature things together. Those things may define who they are forever. This is a song describes a rebellious teenager wanna get rid of his memories which previously shared with his friends together and turn a new leaf ...

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Taylor Swift always writes songs in her very own experience which is also a true portrayal of our society. this song "Shake It Off" from the lyrics, it seems like her attitudes and hits back to all her haters and misunderstand-ers . In our life, people keeping hating, laying, chatting... and  we still need to keep ourselves original...

Nicki Minaj-Anaconda
A music video like this will be killed in China, i mean this is so Blatant on Sexual advances. I do not know you guys but i got my first listening of this song "Anaconda" on the VMA which Nicki opened the show with. After watching that i got a bad premonition about the music video gonna be. Nicki Minaj deemed this song as her self-identity and she is a 100% sex worshiper... 

Joywave-"Tongues ft KOPPS"

Wanna get some rhythms ? Listen to this song-"Tongues". It is a dynamic, a kinda of disco. Shake your body, let go.

The Killers - All These Things That I've Done 

I love this kind of song, mainly not because of the melody but the artistic conception permeated from the lyrics. Self-introspection , self-redemption , wanna wash out the sins then re-born...

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