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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Industry topic - Suzy Menkes interviewed by bof, talking about her digital role, her previous comments on fashion and something else

- Suzy Menkes feels fantastic for not only writing for Vogue, but for 90 Vogues worldwide. She was pointed as the Vogue editor by Condé Nast International. For the big surprise of industry, For the remarkable opinions of fashion business, and for anything else would inspire every reader-generation,an exclusive interview between Businessoffashion and fashion critics Suzy Menkes launched in June 2014. 

The interview started by the topic of Suzy`s digital role. Suzy will talk about anything online, about Brazil , about China, about India, looking into the industry and what it takes to be a great designer. Suzy has reached any corner of the world. 

You must read Suzy Menkes if you wanna know what is going on here and there around fashion industry. Over the years, Suzy has been witnessing so much, up and down of fashion house, the rising of new designers, the subtle changing between fashion partners. 

Enjoyed being road, Suzy exhausts her brain cells to offer us some not-another runway reports, industry unknown secrets, also some insightful comments. Speaking of the British prodigy designer Christopher Kane, Suzy indicates "His first show was an extraordinary moment. You just felt this person had all these ideas. And when he did his brain scan collection, I just sat there and thought, ‘How can one person have so many ideas and put so much out there?’” 

What are more contained in this 30 minutes interview is more than the cases enlisted here. A brief recalling of Suzy`s career,and elaborating how her journalist skills would be used so many other ways to the world of fashion. Truly inspired.

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