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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Diane von furstenberg - the woman i wanted to be

Diane von Furstenberg`s new biography "The Women I Wanted To Be

Based on the press, NYC impact designer Diane von Furstenberg has released her new book-"The Woman I Wanted To Be". This book is a autobiography collected by Forbes,over 400 pages. There are two parts contained. Part 1 "The woman i am" is a reflection of Diane`s personal life since her childhood. Her special love and interests on fashion, the wrap dress 1974 for example. Part 2 "The business of fashion" offers the analysis on how Diane achieves her fashion empire. Diane von Furstenberg is on her way of celebrating 40 years of her over-6-million-pieces-sold-out wrap dress. Splendid past, expected future ...

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