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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

blogger star - Nekane Smith, a Nomadic girl

You came to the earth wearing natural-skin color, and after all those urban Pollution make you Ornate impetuous you desire to feel the cool brought from  the fresh air. You told yourself to return to the basic-a "Nomadic Girl".

My friend, personal style blogger Nekane Smith is trying to describe us a earth-lover affair.With all the details involved in her looks such like:Camel coat, sky-colored or tassels-decorated cape, wool turban, and animal prints H-line skirt. Her looks are merged with the Eco system. Adding some pieces of accessories you can swagger your figure anywhere. Announcing: the blogger star of this week goes to Nekane Smith.

*Special tanks to my blogger friend Nekane Smith who inspires the idea of this post and gives the permission of using her image for editing.(you can go to her blog to enjoy the joy of her looks.)

Be A "Nomadic Girl" ?

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