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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Alber Elbaz X Lancôme-What Makes Essence Of Luxury Happy And Romantic

Posted By Royal Wang

It it was announced in January that Alber Elbaz would be collaborating with Lancôme on a limited-edition makeup collection, representing his first-ever foray into the challenging domain of powders, pigments, and polish.

Celia Ellenberg luckily gets a closer interview with Alber,and at the end of Lavin 
show,Alber comes out and explained "all I see are people's eyes,while showing me a colorful pop-up-book-turned-press-release full of his iconic sketches during a meeting with Lancôme president Youcef S. Nabi at Hôtel Le Bristol in Paris last month. "It all stems from the curvaceous mascara bottles. The moment I saw them, I thought of women's bodies," he continued, flipping the pages of the heavy card stock that depicted renderings of four of Lancôme's best-selling mascaras—Hypnôse Drama, Hypnôse Doll Lashes, Hypnôse Star, and Définicils—as front-row regulars. "This is where I'm looking today. Less generic and more handmade, more colorful," he continued.

Due out in limited quantities come June, the nine-piece range also includes one set of false lashes and four different Color Design Eye Shadow Palettes, each bearing the same four motifs scrawled onto the mascara tubes in blue stars, red hearts, pink polka dots, and green heavily lashed lids. An animated video bringing Elbaz's pop-up book to life will go viral in anticipation of their launch. "The idea was, either Alber invents something totally new or we build on something. So we decided to go with the best sellers of Lancôme," essentially letting Alber "dress" them, Nabi explained.

Royal`s summary:It looks Alber adds Lancôme another two levels-"Happiness"and "Romance".

*Alber Desses Up Lancôme,And Makes Essence Happy And Romantic

The Exclusive Interview Of Alber Elbaz


CE: How did this collaboration come about?
AE: The whole thing started really many years ago. Right after school, I was working in New York and once a year would go back home, and when I stopped at the duty-free, my feet would take me to the stand of Lancôme. I didn't have much money, and I had to decide what I'd buy for my mom: Would it be a night or day product? Would it be for the eyes or for the lips? Would it be a big one or a small one? Should I buy two small or one big? For me, Lancôme was more than just a brand. There was something very nostalgic about the name, about the whole story. Then about four years ago, I met Youcef.
So the two of you were friends before you started working together. Did that make the creative process easier or more difficult?
Because we were friends, there was always some sort of a danger, like because as a friend it's better not to work together. But somehow I discovered the depth of Youcef and [Youcef's] way of working. At Lancôme, they have a table like this [motions to the room's conference table], but fifteen times bigger, a round table. There was something very right about sitting at a table that was not square. Because when you sit at a round table, your work is based on a dialogue. We have to understand the need and how you transfer need into desire. This is maybe the essence of design, because you actually need nothing, but maybe you desire something. So how do we change that? We're living also in a time that is quite different. I think that the world is changing, the Internet is changing.
Has the technological shift affected the way you design, both in your fashion and now in your beauty pursuits?
I always work with mirrors, but now I also say that I work with a screen. Many, many times I find that whatever is looking good on the screen doesn't always look or feel good on the body. So who do we design for—do we design for the screen, or do we design for women? This is a major question. Does it have to only photograph well, but it doesn't matter how it looks in real life? It's like some of those parties that are being filmed, they're the most boring parties, because it's all about how it looks on the screen. I felt that there was a need for something different. When I'm entering some of the stores, I'm scared of the sales ladies, I'm scared to touch—god forbid! [With this collection] I was in the mood for something that was more authentic and more personal—to go and to create almost like a fairy tale, to go to the essence of luxury, which is happiness. Because you know what? When you're scared, you may buy for $1,000, but when you're happy, you might buy for $10,000!
What makes a launch—this one specifically—more authentic and personal?
That it's not just about marketing, but it's maybe about a story—a story of a woman. It can be any woman. Not like a muse—she doesn't have to be a blonde or brunette, or tall or short. The question I'm being asked today many times, almost by everyone, is, "Is there a difference between Asian women and American women, between Japanese and Chinese?" I think that there isn't, because every woman I know loves to wear a dress in red, and they all cry for the same reason. It's just about humanity. Even with the press kits we do, usually we have formulas. It has to be with a dossier, we have to have photos, we have to have this. [Lancôme] allowed me, with the support of [Youcef] and the team, to think and to say, "Let's go with what we really envy." And this was like the beginning of the project. When I saw [the press kit], I understood the project. It wasn't about something that you just delete. It's a handmade book, it's handmade sketches. Everything was less generic.
What evokes the fairy tale to make something an object of desire versus just, say, a piece of makeup?
It's never just a piece of makeup. It's something a bit deeper than that. I think that sometimes when you work on design, you work on reflection. If it's ugly, you create ugly, or because it's ugly, you try to bring back beauty. I think that we're in a time today that we're turning into an industry of power. Power creates fear. I feel it—the time and stress. Everybody I speak with today, they're all telling me the same thing, that it's an endless amount of shows around the world, endless things to cover, and everybody wants to have a part of you. I think that here [with this collection]—and I'll give the credit to Youcef, because it was [Youcef's] idea, [Youcef] wanted to go back to something that is totally happy and cheerful and colorful. I got into it, and the more I got into it, the more I enjoyed doing it. It's not the reflection of the times, but it's maybe the remedy of the times.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Sky Art-Let Your Imagination Fly High

Posted By Royal Wang

*Thomas Lamadieu Illustrates in the Sky Between Buildings

*Smeared Skies Made from Hundreds of Stacked Photographs by Matt Molloy


Friday, April 26, 2013

The Huitoutulian British Designer John Galliano Takes A Pivotal Step Towards To His Comeback With Teaching Master Class at Parsons-"Show Me Emotion"

Posted By Royal Wang On 26 April,2013
 John Galliano during the presentation of the Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2010 fashion collection he designed for Dior on Oct. 2, 2009 in Paris. (Jacques Brinon/AP)

-According to the report ,John Galliano will  teach a short-run course in fashion design theory at Parsons, master class series called “Show Me Emotion".And the date is unspecified .

On Sunday, the college sent its senior BFA fashion design candidates an email announcing the course, reports Lucky magazine. It outlined the class as one that “seeks to engage its participants by provoking the power of emotion in context of fashion practice and exploration of intuitive, perceptive manners of investigational making.” The message also detailed the course’s stringent application process.Lucky writes that students must submit “faculty recommendations, a short essay or video, a visualization supporting their entry, and [hold] a minimum 3.0 GPA,” for consideration.

In a statement issued to The Daily Beast, a spokesperson for Parsons explained: "An invaluable part of a Parsons education is the opportunity to learn from the world's leading designers, from Donna Karan and Diane Von Furstenberg to Olivier Theyskens.The planned master class with John Galliano will be a dynamic and intimate opportunity for our students to learn from an immensely talented designer. We believe that over the past two years Galliano has demonstrated a serious intent to make amends for his past actions, and as part of this workshop, Parsons students will have the opportunity to engage in a frank conversation with Mr. Galliano about the challenges and complications of leading a design house in the 21st century."*(This Paragraph Quoted From The Daily Beast:

-Summary:It looks like the
 huitoutulian british designer takes a pivotal step towards to his comeback.And with the time gone by,everyone will start a new chapter.Who dear say John Galliano will not .

*Parsons Masterclass Series. Session 1 – John Galliano: Show Me Emotion

Beauty News:Draw on Your Nails with New Chalkboard Manicures


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Global News Landscape

Posted By Royal Wang On April 25,2013

Special Concern:A Girl Was Born With A Rare Mole Disease Is Finding A New Face For A New Life

The girl in the picture named Bhawana Thami, who lives in the village of Dusikharka in Nepal,suffering a race mole disease which covered half her face with hair.And if left untreated,it could turn into cancerous.

To many in the Nepali village of Dushikharka,little Bhawana is a monster.Even now her father could remind of that scene when his "monster"daughter first saw her photo,she was so  
scared and began to cry.Her father recalls.And Her father, Kalu Man Thami, worried for his child’s self-esteem, would not allow her to look into a mirror.

Now,through some photographs taken by Narendra Shrestha,this 9 years old girl`s disease condition is widely known.

It was last year i met Bhawana at a hospital in Kathmandu, where she was scheduled for surgery. After the operation, when the bandage was removed and the young girl was given a mirror to see her new face, she held onto the mirror for 15 minutes,Shrestha recalls.

 Bhawana recently had a second surgery that completely removed the hair from her face. She will undergo a third procedure when she turns 14.

Little Bhawana is finding a new face for her new life.I read this new on the i decide to post this poor girl`s affair in order to let more and more persons know her awareness of her disease condition.I was touching deeply the moment  i saw those photographs,i can feel how Bhawana desire a new face to live a new life.

Yes,life is tough,anyone now facing personal situation,me either,but most of us are lucky ones,we are healthy at least,so at this point please enjoy your life and be merry.And to Bhawana,Let`s pray for her.

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-Professor Galliano Debuts New Grunge Look

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Travel Guide 



Coco Rocha Turns Into A Model-Singer In Hunger Magazine Issue



Wow my multivariant Coco,you always superises people acting any roles in any magazines or any issues in your passion,wild,and free self-expression way.This issue (Coco Cavalli) by Rankin,Coco turns into a model-singer.As Coco said “Rankin had me sing in this editorial. Yep, you heard correctly".I never heard Coco`s voice before,have you?If your answer is "No",i invite you to experience maybe at least i have known so far the first issue Coco makes her attempt at singing.

Coco Cavalli Images

*Related Issue


Model-singer Karen Elson enjoys Southern living in the kid-friendly, music-crazy, culture-happy city.


*Postd By Royal Wang


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Culture Telescope 1

An Book Exhibition 

-The latest fashion tome from publisher Prestel, “New Fashion Photography,” is having a living launch on the walls of Berlin’s Contributed, the gallery owned by curator, author and journalist Nadine Barth. The photos will be on display until May 18.The book, includes shots from Nick Knight, Rankin, Miles Aldridge and Ruven Afanador, as well as newer names such as Kourtney Roy, Daniele & Iango and Aram Bedrossian, who, along with Bruno Dayan, made it to Berlin for the launch. All in all, more than 30 photographers are featured in a selection Sloman calls “hierarchy-free.”

One image from Yasunara Kikuma featured in "New Fashion Photography"

Wing Shya is known for his work with filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai.

An image from Takahiro Ogawa that appears in Prestel's "New Fashion Photography" book.

A photo from Sanchez and Mongielle that appears in Prestel's "New Fashion Photography" book.

Lily Cole photographed by the LaRoache Brothers.

An image from Kourtney Roy that appears in Prestel's "New Fashion Photography" book.

A photo from Spanish photographer Eugenio Recueno that appears in Prestel's "New Fashion Photography" book.

Newcomer Aram Bedrossian has only been shooting for a couple of years but has earned inclusion in Prestel's "New Fashion Photography" book.

-“The book is an exciting combination of big-name heavy-hitters that many people will recognize and a younger wave of experimental photographers who have been either inspired or nurtured by them,” said Sloman, who wasn’t in Berlin for the event.

Posted By Royal Wang

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