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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bus Phenomenon In China-Passengers With Naked Privacy

For majority of adults we need to work at least 5 days a week . That is how we live . Some people chooseing to drive their private cars to workplace , which is considerated to be comfortable , convinent , and safty . On the contary , most of us didn`t have a car , so we have to choose the most common trafic tool to take ourselves to workplace and then after work we take it to go home . 

Bus , a very familiar trafic tool to urban citiziens , and actually it is very friendly big auto with spacious space which can be filled in with many crowds. Ecnomic ticket price , convinet stops , a public bus should be the perfectly ideal trafic tool for white collar.

In China , the situation is different . As a country with a big population which decides that every bus is not only a no-seat one , but also a noisy one . In every bus the passengers could have some conversations , usually there are two or three persons talking about some topics and i do think the conversation could be very exclusive among those friends but it seems they are willing to share their life and secrets with other strangers in the bus . 

The passengers` behavior could be more invidious when they are on the phone with someone . Their volume of phone-talking is so sharp and high that you will have some headache. In fact passengers` phone talkings did tell us some interesting things regarding their lives , like what they will have for lunch , why he had a fright with his wife last night , how is her mother-in-law so stupied with ... They are passengers with naked privacy .

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tributes To Prince

On Thursday morning the iconic musician Prince (full name as Prince Rogers Nelson) passed away aged 57 . This is such a shocking news to the music industry , especially to his millions of fans , who was entertained and inspired by his variety of music genres on Pop, Funk , Soul . 

The cause of Prince`s death is reported as the complications from flu . The news of the death of this legendary musician is on air reported by some medias .

News On ABC Special Report

Including the real cause of his death , the whole issue is still a little bit vague to public and all the real facts will come out .

As his stage name tells he is a real prince in modern music history . After his death millions of people including his fans , his family numbers , his friends even the entire industry will miss him so much . ( His generous personality , his innovative song writings , his unique stage performances and his fearless spirit ).

Here enlists some issues for the tributes to our hero of music 

Remembering Price

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Prince Live , In Memory Of The Greatest Performer

It is hard to imagine that Prince is not living in this world any more . As his fans we felt so sad to face the fact that he passed away . We found some amazing performances in Prince`s lifetime singing career , in which the iconic musician Prince transfers his impressive stage performance and his fearless music spirit .

-I wanna Be Your Lover-1982-Capitol Theatre 

-Prince Performing With Michael Jackson and James Brown-1983

-In 2004, at a memorial tribute to George Harrison, Prince takes the final solo

-In 2007 , Prince Performed at Super Bowl halftime show

Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince passed Away at age of 57

Thursday morning ( Us local Time ) the legendary musician , singer , songwriter , a truly artist Prince ( full name as Prince Rogers Nelson ) passed away at age of 57. 

The Telegraph report that he was rushed to hospital over the weekend after his private jet made an emergency landing Friday. He had, however, performed a sold out show in Atlanta on Thursday, and seemed to be in good health. The media also reported that he had been ill with flu and may believed he died from the complications from the flu .

Prince , the musician shot his fame in the late 70s , famous for his creativity on songwriting on genres of pop , funk , soul and rock&roll .

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Shooting For Jet-Set Collection Chanel`s Campaign Comes To Life

When a campaign come to life everything could be more real and the sense of fashion is vivid . Super models Mica Arganaraz and Lineisy Montero walking along on the empty street in Brooklyn as they do enjoy the moment of personal runway.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Watching - Best Jeans For Everybody

Vogue released a scene gathering Miranda kerr , Ashley Graham and other sexy angels featuring 22 denim looks you need now. 

Watch this on The Scene.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

An Unfinished Post

As i subscribing some previous posts of early publications i found one unfinished story which i remembered i edited it when i was living in Italy . The inspiration process of this story is vague to me so that i can not force myself to finish it . I do realize this post is well written and thinking it is worthy to be published even if it is not integral . Hope some readers enjoy reading it .

China Impact 
When i was inquired to offer some awareness of China , it is a huge country from Asia , has one fifth of global population , with richest and longest history of more than 5000 years , all those descriptions came out of people`s mouth .  With my hair , a pair of eyes colored in black , speaking a naturally fluent Mandarin , i am apparently a Chinese . Those descriptions are Chinese features , not surprised me . Jumping to the second thought , what surprises me are those kinda of facts that China has became the The world's second largest economy and showing the signs to replace America becoming the first place . 

About those "kinda of " facts , which are actually more than you can imagine , concentrating on for a while , searching for internet data , reading some reports , listening to news everywhere , do not be dumbfounded , it is Chinese impacts , have influenced very many aspects .

Since after Asian models formed a force to take runway stages , walking out as first face of some high-prestige fashion labels , to the age of Chinese Models Juan Du , Wen Liu , XiaoWen Ju , FeiFei Sun ......

Starbucks Canada

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Inspiration-Mid-Heel Shoes

-Mid-Heel Shoes From Street Looks

-An Issue In Talking About Mid-Heel Shoes

-Shop Mid-Heel Shoes 

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