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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Editor`s Letter , 30/04/2015

Dear All

It Is A Highly Anticipated "comeback"

It has been 40+ days and nights since March 14th , the day this website was involuntarily closed publishing ( Coming back to Mainland China where serves some unpleasantly political decisions ). From today "Fashion&Culture Diary" is announced to come back , and recording to the previous released publications , i , as the founder/editor/writer firmly believed that this "comeback" will be highly welcome by the readers . 

To continue , the publications will cover fashion , culture , street style , shopping , life opinions etc ... , more advanced is the concepts will go deeper significant and some refresh new sections are planned on the way to come out .

To be clear - the cycle of posting would be 3-4 times a week , but desirably i will try all the best to publish more frequently . In the last year , this website has received more attentions and compliments than ever , some industrial cooperation are offered , all those are based on the exclusively creative concepts choosing and article writing style .

Last also the most important - thanks all the readers for subscribing this website and leaving your adorable thoughts . Looking forwarding to publishing more issues and receiving more love from you .

Best Regards 

Royal Wang

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