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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Statement from the author ...

*Note:Hello,everyone,i am Royal Wang, the author of this blog-"Fashion&Culture Diary". I am here to announce a statement :Considering of the three exams in the next two months the posts of this blog will be reduced in periodicity.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Through the editors` lens ...

*Book In Fashion
*@thetimesarrow gold star.
*Pick your charm at Talbots preview.
*It’s a judy duty day at @prattinstitute. Here Allison Batty work.
*Disregard the manicure! Insane rings by Munnu the Gem Palace.
*From @Gucci archive. Not on sale but pretty major.
*It’s time to party with @GUCCI frocks.
*The updated cat eyes by @ninaricci
*The ‘moon’ boot by @pierrehardynews
*Moto girl @versace_official has your helmet.
*Nothing like an assless sequin skirt to close out #MBFWA #di$count

*Image Resources Via Style.Com
*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Victoria Beckham Documentary

-We all know that Victoria married to famous football player David Beckham.Victoria is so famous for her style,elegant,chic,modern and always wowed us by her graceful body line.I am a big of her style.I even used to imagine what if Victoria creates a fashion line named after her? Will the designs be the "Victoria" style? I guess so.Maybe god hears me and tells Victoria,her line "Victoria Beckham" launched in New York and every season showed in New York fashion week.At beginning,i can not buy her designs,i label her brand as weird-chic or fake-luxury.I put my focus off her designs and bet "Victoria Beckham" is just flash in the pan.But year after year,Victoria is keeping releasing so many good designs which has attracted many fashion fans,among them, socialites included.What makes her line or the following lines so popular? How did Victoria do that? Those big question portray deeply in my mind.I am trying to figure out the the development process of Victoria`s designer career, luckily and Coincidentally i found a video of "Victoria Beckham Documentary" which generalizes the development process of brand "Victoria Beckham" and also shows people how Victoria drives her brand and the basic elements needed behind a successful fashion brand.

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang
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Look book-last day of school ...

*Edited By Royal Wang

Monday, April 14, 2014

march items ...


Forewords-March has passed silently with so much events.Love,exciting,inspiration.There are so many disasters of course, but i always and should put my focus on all the good things because i know all the good things will come to the end.I always recall somethings happened in the past which i can not helping aftertasting over and over again.Consideration of all the reasons above i am planing on writing a post of "March Items".Frankly, in March,there are so many item to be remembered and so items wowed me so i can only show you some of them on my blog.Hoping my "March Items" will inspiredyou.

The Wall/Elin Kling 
-This is a new version of Elin`s website,and if you are a fans of Elin or take a notice you will know that Elin always redesigns her website.I am a big fans of Elin since the day one i subscribe her website.I love the atmosphere of her web which is the key of web design.This new Wall of Elin Kling is dynamic-modern,you can subscribe her new wall by clicking here

Bloggers Friendship
-Someone said that fashion bloggers are like colorful peacocks,and they are some blogger friendships between those bloggers.Rumi Neely and Bryanboy,i take this pair of blogger friends as my example because they are the most closed and most honest blogger friends in this fashion bloggers industry,am i right? They both come from Asia and have strong fame in fashion industry.Sometimes i always imagine that one day i will the a blogger friend or friends that we can hanging out together,cooperate together,help each other just like the way Rumi neely and Bryanboy do.

My Men Of March
-This item is very personal,you know you must have your dream man or dream woman,so me too,the two men above are my men of this month.If they know you must feel proud of this achievement.The first one is Mariano,Italian male fashion blogger,and the second one is Justin, a younger lifestyle blogger from New York.I love them so much and i believe one day they will love me.

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

9-years-old opera queen-Amira ...

-I am here mightily recommending Amira,a only 9-years-old singer who won HOLLAND'S GOT TALENT 2013.I call her opera queen and i am calling for everyone who subscribing my website will spend a moment watching the videos above.Remembering she is only 9.

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beauty is a state of your mind ...

-Please recall that did you feel that you are beautiful enough or feel in a good mood when you waked up in the every past morning? No matter how you answer this question i bet that there is at least some moments that you lose your confidences in your look,stature or your everything in your personality.What is the true beauty? and where does it come from? Maybe beauty comes from your skilled-makeup,and maybe beauty comes from the moment you are wearing your Dior dresses,and comes from whatever else.Actually there is a video on YouTube which explains where does the beauty truly come from and which i think really do make sense.I do not need to describe the video instead  everybody who wanna get the true beauty should watch this video yourselves and you will get the true beauty from next second.

Note:If you think this post is eye-catching or a little bit helpful please share it anywhere i will be very appreciate

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Next step of "fashion&culture diary"

I need to remind myself and to announce this news to all of my blogger friends that i have been thinking to take a almost one-year plan into action which is i decide to take a blog award competition.After googling some blog awards competitions i decide to chose "Singapore Blog Award" as my first try.So far you totally understand what is so-call "Next Step of "Fashion&Culture Diary".I kinda have some confidences in my blog especially after subscribing some winners of past years,i think my blog has some qualities to win the competition-good blog theme,visual web design,nice layout,and unique posts.But you know if i wanna get 100% confidences to win i need some extra supports from you,my blogger friends,so if any of you reading this post right now please speak louder to support my next step of "Fashion&Culture Diary".

Singapore Blog Award

If any of you wanna take part in Singapore Blog Awards click Here to enter the official website for further information.Remember the application is from 5th,April-10th,May.

*Nate:I am here calling for my blogger friends to share my post just in the name of friendship and for any new bloggers,you are also welcome to leave comments and to share my post or add your e-mail on my sidebar,we will always keep in touch

*Written By Royal Wang
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Monday, April 07, 2014



Wow,finally come back to blogging world,it has been 4 days since my last post,just as usual,i need to work at weekend,anyway i am so excited i am back and can not wait reading my blog friends` posts and reading your lovely comments.For today,first i just wanna say hey because i miss my blog i miss blogging and more miss my blogger friends so so much you totally have no idea,god i swear i love blogging and i love all my blog friends and i need you to believe me.

Coming up posts:"The Nest Step Of Fashion&Culture Diary"
"Blogger Relationships"

*If you are my friends or you wanna be my friends please do not be shy to twitter me,facebook me or share my post and you are also welcome to enter your e-mail on my sidebar for subscription of my new post

*Written By Royal Wang

Friday, April 04, 2014

tips on blogging ...

Now,after blogging for almost 14 months i can naturally team up some myself-tips on blogging.1.First,your web-atmosphere,this is the first basic element for a good blog because before any visitors reading your posts,their first impression of your blog will be decided by your web-atmosphere.You can reconnoiter some famous blogs,i bet their web-atmosphere must be modern,clean,and stylish.2.Post title,when we come to read a news form a newspaper or read an issue from a fashion magazine the titles always tell us the main context of the story. And for me,i am always trying to label a post title meaningful,unique and eye-catching.3.Focus on the post layout,a post is an Independent Forums,so the layout is so important and it can decide how long will your readers keep reading your post.So please choose the appropriate fonts and control the post colors. 4.Image atmosphere,weather you choose to post your images on your posts or to download images from internet,the qualities of the images can 100% influence the qualities of your posts,so  release some clarity images as possible as you can.5.Spread your blog frequently,by now,if i summary my blog achievements 4 tips above included except for spreading my blog which in a result a low traffics driven to my website.I do not know how some bloggers like Bryanboy,Rumi neely or Tavi Gevinson spread their blogs or maybe they do not need to do so,but for most bloggers,spreading blog is a must-to-do thing during your blogging experiences.Those 5 tips are formed from my blogging experiences and my tips are not for the other bloggers,but i believe even bet you as a blogger must have your tips on blogging,i hope you can show your tips here so that we every blogger could reference each other.

*Subscribing across the interest i take 5 tips on blogging of Elin Kling as an example of tips on blogging,here it is 

Elin Kling`s top 5 blogging tips?
  • 1.Just do it. I know there is no time, but you have to find time.
  • 2.Choose your posts carefully. Make your blog a platform that reflects your style.
  • 3.Don't be too personal, write in a personal way instead.
  • 4.Put a lot of focus on the pictures.
  • 5.Make it into a platform of something you enjoy doing. You have to enjoy it to make it work.

Hope this post "tips on blogging" could help you out somewhere
Wish you all have a wonderful blogging experience
XOXO,Kisses from Royal Wang

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Elvira`t Hart`s 'WEARABLE DRAWINGS' ...

Foreword-Believe it or not,when i was still keeping my first dream of being a world-class fashion designer i have a lot of refreshing inspirations,such as design a series of "wearable drawings" outfits.You have to admit that this idea is so unique-cool,but since i felt studying fashion design this idea has to be shelved temporarily.Even now i myself often imagine how could those wearable-drawings outfits look like,according to the brand Elvira my imagination comes to be clear.

The brand ELVIRA is all about drawing. Being playful and using other ways to design and contruct a garment, patterns are literally sketched and cut out by laser. Handwork is combined with modern techniques like lasercutting, giving the final results their unique characteristics.All garments are drawn by Elvira 't Hart and produced in The Netherlands.(Quoted from

From the term "Wearable Drawings" which is not an entangled concept,but what`s on earth the Elvira`s concept "Wearable Drawings"? Quoted by the explanation of designer is "I have been drawing since I can remember and since falling in love with fashion design I have been trying to separate, but also more and more to combine my passion for drawing and fashion. Ultimately combining the two resulted in this project ‘Wearable drawings’ The inspiration behind this project is drawing, its characteristics and how we interpret them. In the past I have been frustrated whilst showing designs on paper to others as people tended to overlook the characteristics of the drawing. They almost took them for granted. What they missed however was that that was exactly the reason why I had drawn it like that, I wanted the real garment to look exactly like the drawing. I started using my sketches literally as patterns and started sketching patterns out of my mind. How I thought certain classic garments would look like and began cutting these out by laser, keeping every line I had drawn in the final garment and more importantly: copying my ‘signature’ exactly. I didn’t want to filter everything out that made the drawing a drawing and I found that the effect this had on people, where usually they overlook these things, was even more interesting. In the whole designing process I find sketching the most exciting stage. I think these first sketches are very interesting to look at, as they have a unique esthetic appeal. Specific characteristics like outlying lines, lines that disappear abruptly, planes of white and black but not always completely filled in or coloring in between the lines. Nevertheless we still are able to see that what was meant to be depicted, it has been reduced to lines and planes of black and white, to its essential information. But between that which was meant to be depicted and the given limited information there is some room left for the imagination. (Resource From

Wearable Drawings Gallery

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Recently,a penny for my thoughts ...

I have not  posted a new post for five days and i have planned blogging yesterday but i finally give up because i am so tried those couple days which makes me lazy doing everything and yesterday i even leave the class in the middle of the lesson,i think it is not scientific to have a life of studying along with having myself work at weekend which really is fucking fatigue.

Well,to be frank there is nothing special to write,and i do not have some worthy inspirations  edited into posts,you mind like a mess there and i really do not know what to write and just praying that life in Milan could end sooner,Milan is really suck,so suck,

Oh i suddenly come up with a scene from my favorite TV Drama "Two And Half Men" which is adapted version of Beyonce`s "Single Ladies" and it is really extremely ridiculous.

Here it is
"All the single Barrys,all the single Barrys
make a turkey sandwich,make turkey sandwich
if you like then you should have put some cheese on
if you like then you should have put some cheese on
may-a-o,oh-oh-oh,oh-oh-oh ..."

Anyway wish you all have a nice day and Royal is going to sleep ~~~

*Written By Royal Wang

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