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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thoughts On Fashion Printing

I once interviewed a female friend about what are her concerns if she is shopping an outfit , fabric , style , or prints ? She responded " all have to be concerned " , but clothing prints seem to be more attractive and could surely steal people`s attention at their first glance on an outfit .

Recalling my working experience at ZARA i had acknowledged many fashion trends , on styling , recent two seasons the industry is making tributes to 70`s and 80`s , a spectacle of vintage , clothes made in velvet are favored by those customers . People are willing to wear on those floor-touch long dresses or overalls , But it always has to be those items with variety of prints or the ones printed on some patterns making a dress or a shirt so eye-catching. Around the season Fall 2015 leopard print adds blouse or skirt a new version of styling , check pattern printed on the vest or a long outwear . At fashion weeks we can see some prints reflecting 70`s - Boho Print References – Floral Print Jacquard – Brocade Glamour – Bohemian Prints – Rich Pattern Mixes . Resent years , fashion industry did adore prints mixture , diverse patterns with varying color tones printed onto one dress styling a abstract look .  To satisfy industry`s picky taste and to meet customers` basic needs many innovations on clothing printing are carried out . Digital printing , 3D printing , or more printing measures are offering endless possibilities on the visual effects of clothing printing .  They are the results of aesthetic needs and the advancement of technique .

There are more freedom for customers . Many companies allow customers to customize outfits with individual thought , and the personalized products are very unique for their own . My friend told that this idea ( design their own products ) is really cool , you can either make your garments stylish and special or treat yourself as a designer .  The fact this service is very affordable and convenient , companies offer One-stop service and also have multiple materials to choose from .

A dress is smoothly touchable and the Silhouette is shaped a A-line , for presenting a modern romantic look the designer aims to print some patterns onto the dress - colorful blooming flowers .  The fabric remains it natural beauty without any extra industrial process , having this 70`s vintage concept , this suede pant is a flares , the printed pattern is not very obvious , they are patches of earthy color that ethnic flavor flows . 

The essence of clothing printing is like the halo on a crowne , glittering its glorious to achieve designers` masterpieces . It sometimes grabs limelight from an outfit , but not a competitive way , conversely , it helps to deliver an esthetic opinion .

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