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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bus Phenomenon In China-Passengers With Naked Privacy

For majority of adults we need to work at least 5 days a week . That is how we live . Some people chooseing to drive their private cars to workplace , which is considerated to be comfortable , convinent , and safty . On the contary , most of us didn`t have a car , so we have to choose the most common trafic tool to take ourselves to workplace and then after work we take it to go home . 

Bus , a very familiar trafic tool to urban citiziens , and actually it is very friendly big auto with spacious space which can be filled in with many crowds. Ecnomic ticket price , convinet stops , a public bus should be the perfectly ideal trafic tool for white collar.

In China , the situation is different . As a country with a big population which decides that every bus is not only a no-seat one , but also a noisy one . In every bus the passengers could have some conversations , usually there are two or three persons talking about some topics and i do think the conversation could be very exclusive among those friends but it seems they are willing to share their life and secrets with other strangers in the bus . 

The passengers` behavior could be more invidious when they are on the phone with someone . Their volume of phone-talking is so sharp and high that you will have some headache. In fact passengers` phone talkings did tell us some interesting things regarding their lives , like what they will have for lunch , why he had a fright with his wife last night , how is her mother-in-law so stupied with ... They are passengers with naked privacy .

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