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Friday, November 29, 2013

the pink twins

-I find this image on the new vision of i-D online magazine,and the reason this image attracts me is i never imagine that two cute boys look so fabulous with the color of pink.The background is pink,their outfits are pink,and even the bench they are sitting is pink,it is all about pink,and those two boys look alike very much or maybe they are the same person,whatever, i would like to label this image the pink twins !

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A lesson On How to make your blogging career successful

-Foreword:If you have goals to grow your blog's audience and become a successful blogger, then it's very important that you understand the unwritten blogging best practices provided below.  The more familiar and compliant you are with blogging best practices, the better your chances for blogging success.

*Blog Design Best Practices

The visual design of your blog and the parts and pieces that make it work can have a significant impact on your blog's success potential.  The following articles provide all the do's and don'ts about blog design that you need to follow in order to ensure your blog meets blog design best practices.

*Blog Legal and Ethical Best Practices

There are a variety of legal and ethical issues that bloggers must understand in order to be in compliance with blogging best practices. The following articles offer information about legal and ethical considerations for bloggers.

*Blog Writing Best Practices

The content you publish on your blog has a significant impact on your blog's success potential.  Review the blogging best practices related to blog writing and publishing in the articles listed below and folllow the tips and warnings provided to ensure you're following blog writing best practices.

*Blog Commenting Best Practices

Successful blogs usually have active comment sections where both the blogger and visitors discuss posts. Furthermore, successful bloggers typically publish comments on other people's blogs as well. Following are a number of articles to help you understand blog commenting best practices.

*Blog Promotion Best Practices

In order to drive traffic to your blog, successful bloggers promote their blogs in a variety of ways. The following articles help you understand blog promotion best practices, so you can market your blog effectively.

*Blog Monetization Best Practices

If you want to make money from your blogging efforts, then you need to be familiar with blog monetization best practices.  The following articles provide a wealth of information to help you.

*Behind The Scene:I read this informative article on by .I decide to reedit this post on my blog because in the name of blogging,more because letting more and more blogger make their blogging career successful.

    Celebrity daily life

    -Lindsay Lohan shares photos of her cooking Thanksgiving treats

    Wednesday, November 27, 2013

    Best around internet

    And now,starting pre-fall 2014 collection

    Burberry Prorsum

    Tory Burch


    Book A Magazine And Be A Reader

    Reading a magazine is an exquisite way to know the world,what happened today,what will happen tomorrow,and what had happened yesterday but still Influenced today.See how fashion industry changed day by day,just subscribe a magazine.Book on Amazon from now on.

    The lines above you can read is my editing on my squidoo,if you have an account on squidoo,you can select some products to sell from products you chose it is generally depends on your blog theme.So as a blogger who writes fashion and culture and based on my passion on reading fashion magazine,i chose to sell fashion magazine.Here i invite everyone who also love reading magazines and more for the love of fashion culture,please visit my upcoming squidoo page and book a magazine from Amazon.

    Monday, November 25, 2013

    go inside the industry

    "The West goes fast, it cultivates haste. The East is still attached to the pleasure of doing things calmly and slowly."
    —Jean-François Lesage

    An embroiderer embellishes fabric for a headboard. Photography by Richard Powers

    Jean-François Lesage, the son of the founder of the prestigious Paris-based House of Lesage, followed an unlikely path to upholding the family tradition—by journeying halfway around the world to establish an atelier in southern India

    JEAN-FRANÇOIS LESAGE grew up among the gold threads and glass beads of the House of Lesage, France's most revered embroidery workshop. His father, François Lesage, had made it a symbol of the highest craftsmanship in fashion, producing haute couture embellishments for houses such as Chanel, Lanvin, Balmain, Givenchy and Christian Lacroix.
    At 7:30 every morning, before Jean-François headed off to school, the petites mains, artisans known for their fine handwork, would stop by the family home in Chaville, a leafy suburb of Paris, to drop off the work they completed the day before and pick up the day's task.

    The Hand Embroiderer's Tale

    Read More ...

    *Resource Via
    *Edited By Royal Wang

    Saturday, November 23, 2013

    Friday, November 22, 2013

    internet provides ...


    It's the ultimate symbol of freedom, kind to the environment and an almost effortless way to exercise: from New York to Paris the bike is fast becoming the chicest way to get around. Made over by some of our favorite fashion houses, the ...... Click To Read More


    From the Victoria's Secret show in New York and Anja Rubik's 25 magazine launch in Paris, to a trip to Japan, the dark days of November are shining bright for some of our favorite girls this week. Model faces including Magdalena Frackowiak, Kasia Struss, Maryna Linchuk and ...... Click To Read More

    Thursday, November 21, 2013

    trying to earn extra income by selling articles.-not easy,but has fun

    Selling articles",this idea based on two reasons.

    The first reason is also the most reasonable one,that is i am kind of broke,i have to support my life abroad myself,and have to heal with my university tuition,even though i have been taking a part-time job as at a small restaurant,but my income is far enough for my daily spending.So i need to make an extra income,here is the thing,i do wanna a second physical job,so working online seems to be a ideal job.

    The second reason comes more nature than the first one,it is my passion on writing and editing.This is easily to understand,what do you think i open a blog? To write,to edit,in a word,to elaborate my personal opinion to the world.

    Thanks to Christian PF,where provides you the varieties of opportunities to make your extra income,mainly through internet.So i recently have registered some websites and have started to sell my articles on those websites.

    Today i register  as a writer for writing articles of style on the Demand Studios,i fill out this form.

    They ask all the applicants to apply a CV,so i quickly make a simple one.

    To be honest,i do not know if sell articles on internet can make money,but it seems someone has get benefits through selling articles,so i just wanna give a try.I really spend countless time searching the way i can make extra income,so i hope i can receive a satisfied result.

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

    Jennifer Lopez & Taylor Swift - "Jenny from the Block" live at Staples ...

    -Taylor starts introduce like- i do not know you guys,but i do have my number one favorite song to sing and my favorite rhythm to dance,LA,here is my favorite ... and then comes the music,what song? It is a well-known one. "Jenny from the Block".I admit that this way of introducing is creative and impressing so so so~~~ much !

    Lucky Guys

    Publication: WSJ Magazine November 2013

    Models: Gisele Bündchen & Daft Punk
    Photographer: Terry Richardson
    Fashion Editor: George Cortina
    Hair: Duffy
    Make-up: Frank B.
    Nails: Karen Gutierrez

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    Rihanna - What Now (Official)

    -Just now,my twin brother recommended me a music video of Rihanna`s new single-What Now,and he insists that wanna me watch it on Youtube,so i think ok,why do not i give a try,and then,i tell you,this music video is amazing,so guys,watch it now !!!

    Monday, November 18, 2013

    gofundme,help me please

    - recently i register a member on GoFundMe,which is a place to raise money for yourself situation,here is how it works-you can write something or tell a story about the situation or problems you are facing and get some supports from your social network websites,and then what happened? I do not know this moment,i am figuring out how it works well and if i can get money from some donations to solve my problem which is paying my college tuition.And once i found it does work i will tell you guys on my blog.Personally thinking,i do not trust it so much.Only the time can prove everything,let`s see.

    *I write this post also wanna to get more supports from my blog victors,so please everyone click click and click into my website to support me,i really need your help

    Morning Reading ...

    -From :What’s really in your skin care? Such was the question that Valérie Grandury began asking herself after a bout with breast cancer left her rethinking the toxic ingredients that inadvertently lined her shelves and stocked her medicine cabinet. In her subsequent quest to create both good-for-you products that actually worked, Odacité was born ......

    Friday, November 15, 2013

    pieces of my confession

    confession 1

    - recently,i often memory my previous life,the things i have done,the people i have met,the words i have said and even the guys i used to have a crush on. To be frank,i think we all live in a memory world.Someone always say that just look forward and do not let something in the past held you back or even just tell you enjoy your life present.Yes those lines do make sense,but easily saying,hardly acting.I kind of enjoying living in the past,something there i can not and i should not forget,which i think those things had taught me a lot,and i will cherish those memories forever and ever.

    I wanna be honest with myself,considering of this,i release the "pieces of my confession" post,it is more like a personal confession diary.Not for let people know me,or for demagogy,but for myself,for one day when i getting old,i can read what i had done,what i had said,what kind of person i was,and it is more like a personal profile.

    But,since it is my confession,obviously i need a listener,like a father of church,i choose to tell my confession to my blog-"Fashion&Culture Diary".

    Dear Diary,today i need to tell you a thing,which is boring me for a long time,i chose to say it now,because i decide to let it go,and i am fine with it.

    Here is my first confession
    Maybe i think it is a couple months ago,i have a crush on a guys guy,and this guy is not just a guy,he used to be my friend,i mean even to be one of my bffs.And i feel ashamed,because i always think friends are always friends,lovers are always lovers,this two kinds of relationships can not be confused.But as we all clear,we can not control our emotion,neither do i,even through i know i should not like him,i do like him.And what makes me real feel ironic it that this was not my first time liking my friends,like more than three or four times,i am a freak who has special hobby on liking friends.For a long time,i am struggling should i tell him or not? Will he like me? Or ha he already liked me? Think thousand times,i do not wanna fall into this wrong love so deep,so i intentionally get away from him,you know what,for me,personally,i can not be someone`s friend after l found i have emotional feeling about this person.But one day,after we rarely get touch for a long time,a thought suddenly came to me mind,i need to be honest with myself,i think i should tell this guy my feeling about him,so i text him,and then guess what,he seems does not care my feeling at all,and i guess he disdains my confession to him,hope he does not,but who knows,only himself knows.But one thing is clear here,that is this guy do not care my feeling about him,so my feeling about him is done here,if someone do not take my feeling seriously,just let it go,it is wasting time on this kind of person.You should know i am a so so so beautiful boy,and if i want,i can get millions of handsome,kindhearted boyfriends,believe it or not.Ok,i am done telling my first confession,thank you,my Diary,for being a good,quiet listener,see you next time,i will be back!

    Thursday, November 14, 2013

    This isn`t A Dangerous Combination ? But A Brave One

    -Doing my {morning searching internet job}i found this image on facebook taken by Bryanboy and he describes this dressing combination is a dangerous combination.Think about this combination,i think yes,it is dangerous but indeed brave one,i just wanna comment Bryan`s  spirit of exploration on fashion.This combination is so fresh,and i believe it will be a trend in the closer future.Thank you Bryan !

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    What Do You Think Of Miley`s Smoking ?


    USA is insane. They glorify untold number or graphic murders and gun shooting every day and censor a puff of natures herb! Insane! No wonder we have so many shootings.

      And Now,First Read Issue-

      Miley Cyrus responds to pot-smoking 

      controversy following EMAs

      And Then Tell Me What Do You Think ?

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