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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Inspiration-Mid-Heel Shoes

-Mid-Heel Shoes From Street Looks

-An Issue In Talking About Mid-Heel Shoes

-Shop Mid-Heel Shoes 

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Twitter Edition - From Tyler Posey has a Grindr , Mid-Heel Shoes Discussing , To The 10 Facts About Lavin`s New Designer

Every week we stay around at twitter to find out something interesting , funny , or even shocking to bring you some entertainments . 

- According to Teen Vogue our beloved sexy teen wolf Tyler Posey has a Grindr . This big news may disappoint the young girls and definitely excite the gay men . But as someone pointed here "Too bad his Grindr account is most likely a bro joke." Click the link above to find out more ...

- In EllE Uk `s twitter , we found a beauty issue - Pat McGrath`s New Highlighter Will Give You The Valetino Glow. This is a free lesson learning make-up trend from the legend.

- In an story of fashion industry , Vogue UK enlists 10 facts you need to know about Lavin`s new designer Bouchra Jarrar . Who does not wanna know more about the next industry master ?

- Not low-heel shoes yet not high-heel shoes , it is mid-heel shoes discussed in Man Repeller `s post All hail the mid-heel . From personal experience to talk about the essence of mid-heel shoes .

- This is an adorable edition that huffingtonpost released an issue showing 15 animals celebrate national napping day . Including puppy , cat , chick taking a napping in their own sleeping posture . 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Watching - Carine Roitfeld In bed With GIGI

ere Carine Roitfeld In bed chatting with GiGi Hadid . Watching the video below find out their conversation .

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Non Work Day Work

Today is Saturday most of us are enjoying our weekly two-days holiday . We believe that either some couples are planning to go to a theater or some friends come together enjoying friendship , we have what we do at weekend - it is a job of weekend - Enjoying Ourselves .

Work at weekend , i mean ... anything ...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Editor`s Letter 17/03/2016

Sense Of Editing 
Both good things and bad things happened in our daily life . To me , bad things come more frequently . I am not trying to be a negative person but simply to catch up a little bit with my readers ( It has been 4 months since last publication released ) . As a trainee responsible i have been working at ZARA for seven months . It is not a quite fancy position and i did not consider it as an evolutive career . Holding the thought of publishing an exclusive magazine i am branching out into editing . What i sense is important is what i call " Sense Of Editing " . This is very individual and you can find your editing sense guided by your personal taste and your favors on different aspects .  Recently i strongly enjoy submitting issues to Linkedin . After reading those art-culture issues , fashion stories , seeing some storied photographs i sense that i am well educated , which drives me to spread those acknowledges to other readers . 

( a sensuous image - one of issues i submit to my Linkedin page )

Either a sensuous image or an informative story could be a valuable edition . New movement of fashion house , eye-catching campaigns , successful stories of industry rookies , or issues covering high-culture ( In my explanation , high-culture is a phenomenon of leading-edge , which may be publicized by a small community and will be prevalent in this community ) .

Personal Experience
part 1 - a lamentable self-comforting
No one did not expect love .  Sometimes we got confused about whom we can trust and why i am still so stupid even after those damn things my boyfriend used to do to me . My antidote is to get laid and assuming every man i slept with is my boyfriend or even husband . This is a lamentable self-comforting .

Part 2 - stupid human resources 
Within two months i have received many interview experience , which helps me to see that almost 80% of human resources are brainless ( no defense , it is true ) . Surprisingly almost every human resources is strongly confident that they believe she/he is an expert in one field . They could stare at you with questioning sight , ask you some unearthly questions so that they can professionally make you feel tortured in a way they feel very respected . Those stupid bitches ! Tomorrow i will meet another one .

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