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Friday, November 28, 2014

editor`s essay - be focus

- From 10 am to 8 pm, nearly 10 hours sitting behind my PC writing post, reading other bloggers` writings, spreading my website, searching inspirations around world, between those taking some small breaks ( I think it is 5 minutes for each break)and of course cooking and eating. 

Just finishing taking a before-sleep shower and turn back to PC to check out how many of today`s website traffics suddenly get the desire to write something. En, this it is - Be focus.

Well then, previous 20 months i rarely took my blog so seriously. Since i drop off from university and anything else around me going to be suck ones i started to realize that blogging is the only one thing makes me happy and feel proud of. Putting the awareness and passions accumulated within 10-years on writing, editing, reading or more is something costs my efforts. I am not sure how far my blog will go, how many honors my blog will achieve, what i only know is that this is something i put my focus on, not another thing. (Even though i know there could be the possibilities to close this blog. Because next year i will go back to China where Google,, Fackbook, Twitter are not available). Complaining: You will never know what kind of life We Chinese have until you become a one.

Anyway, focus, on something you enjoy doing. Focus, on someone you love . Focus, even though it is not something eternal. Still focus, for the existing joys.

Do not forget to be stylish

5 products for your health&skincare

- I come to realize that more and more friends around me stated to care about their health and skincare. People have the desires to get more awareness on health and beauty products. Our bodies and skin need a variety of nutrition to maintain its physical organs operating functionally. Someone asks me to launch a post on "Health&skincare" i think it is necessary so i pick up 5 products from a health brand "Vitamin World" which provide 5 body&skin-need nutrition.

A. Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg

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Description: Alpha Lipoic Acid is a vitamin-like antioxidant that helps fight cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Free radicals can contribute to oxidative stress, which in turn may contribute to the premature aging of cells. As an antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid also helps revitalize the underlying structure of skin, so it can look healthier and more radiant.

B. African Mango w/ Green Tea 1200mg

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Description: African Mango is a bright green fruit traditionally used in Nigerian and Cameroonian cuisine. African Mango is valued for its nuts, known as ogbono, etima, odika or dika nuts. These capsules contain 1200 mg of African Mango Incudes Green Tea, which naturally contains flavonoids for overall wellness Rapid release capsules disperse quickly into your system.

C . Aloe Vera Gel 99%

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 Description: Moisturizes and nourishes even the driest skin? Gentle enough for everyday use Aloe Vera is known for its ability to aid in dryness and help the skin, making it an especially soothing choice when applied to skin. This colorless, non-greasy gel absorbs quickly, quenching even the thirstiest skin.

D . Hair, Skin and Nails Formula

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Description : Healthy nutrition can help lead to a healthy outward appearance, so give your hair, skin, and nails the nutritional support they need with this special blend of vitamins and minerals designed to help you look your best. Features 3 mg of Biotin to help support the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Contains Vitamin C, which is involved in the production of collagen, which forms the basis for vibrant skin. Includes an array of antioxidants to help your body fight the aging effects of cell-damaging free radicals.

E . Stress Management Program

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Description: Stress B Complex with C 500mg Time Release, 120 Tablets (Item #000334). L-Theanine 200mg, 60 Capsules (Item #12880). SAM-e 400 mg., 30 Caplets (Item #13185) Stress B with C-500 Time Release provides a high-potency complex of B vitamins to help safeguard a sufficient daily intake. The B complex contributes to the health of the nervous system. The B vitamins also play a role in energy metabolism in the body. Choline and Inositol are essential components of cell membranes. L-Theanine is a natural phytochemical found in Japanese green tea and a non-essential amino acid that is present in the brain. A close relative of Glutamate, studies indicate that L-Theanine interacts with the neuro- transmitter, GABA(gamma-aminobu-tyrate). GABA, known for its importance in nervous system functioning, works with the mood centers of the brain. SAM-e - All living things contain SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine). The body makes SAM-e from the amino acid methionine. However, you may not be able to obtain sufficient methionine levels simply by ingesting food. In addition, because of age or other factors, levels of SAM-e can fluctuate or decline. Supplementation with SAM-e is the easiest way to increase intake. SAM-e is involved in over 35 biochemical reactions involving enzymatic transmethylation. The methylation process is the mechanism by which the body rids itself of potentially damaging compounds, synthesizes neurotransmitters, makes components of cartilage, regulates enzyme activity within the cell and maintains the flexibility of cell membranes. Science has been looking into this remarkable supplement and time after time clinical studies have drawn the same conclusions, SAM-e: Promotes healthy joint function and comfort Boosts mood and emotional well-be

Thursday, November 27, 2014

photograph album - Picks form Steven Meisel

Terminologies on female masturbation

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- Assuming you are a male reader now reading this post and thinking that how do you describe your masturbation in terminology? Like " Wanking", "Tossing off" Etc ... Many "you" thought that as a man , your male masturbation is just like a weekly routine . Do not worry we won`t judge you. 

Now you are a female reader, then you are questioned the same question : What your terminologies on describing female masturbation? Eh ... dumb girl. Do not worry too we won`t and have no rights to blame on you.

Perhaps in the name of equity or considering to avoid the embarrassment, an organisation like the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education calling for a new terminology on female masturbation. Their aim is to promote an open, positive view of "sex".

As far as the press tells, there are 34 words and will be whittled down into three. But those brand new terminologies like "klittra", "pulla" and "selfa" will be produced in Swedish and  may only benefit the Sweden ladies. Do not be depressed, this move is a big leap and we can perceive that many another countries will emulate Sweden`s step to produce the terminologies on female masturbation in the individual language.

Reward yourself In The Name Of Love

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

your heart wants what it wants

- It is believed that you may hear your voice told you that you are gonna do something or stop doing what you are doing now. Finally the reality is what you actually wanna what you heart wants. I come to realize this is a something worthy to think about.

Selena Gomez sings out in her song "The heart wants what it wants":

 "There's a million reasons why I should give you up But the heart wants what it wants The heart wants what it wants" 

The issue between Selena and Justin does inspires me and remind me a lot - Personal case like i just broke up with my x-boyfriend one month ago, the reasons are so quite important but the result is from my heart. He maybe smart, sort of cute handsome, finance is strong but my heart knows that he is very conceited and Persnickety. I do not care if Selena will forgive Justin`s jerk betray (I wish she will not)She loves him so much that launched a song to make confession and wants get Justin back. 

For you, my readers, i am not sure if we make the same point here, Listening to your heart and obviously it will tell you the choice you are about to make. Ignoring whether your choice is right or not because only time can judge that.

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