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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Summer Wearing

alian , a city which i live in , surrounded by oceans , the temperature here should not suppose to be that high comparing to the similar period in the past years , 25+ degrees make April join in the team of Summer and you are seasonally allowed to style yourself with "Summer Cool" . Every individual has its own flavor styling a "Summer look"  . Walking under the warm sunshine , moments of skin touching from gentle breeze , sunglasses come to be a must-be-prepared accessory in Summer . 

Canada Magazine Flare released an issue enlisting 24 sunglasses you can choose from for this Summer . Click here to pick yours .

Swimsuits are not just worn under the oceans , designers has discovered its potentials and applied to those swimsuits varying details , here serves you a summary of 50 flattering swimsuits created in designs of cut-out , floral , sporty ...

To help style a simple and cool summer look , you also need a sandal , a perfect teammate of sunglasses+swimsuits . Here following offers some recommendations .

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