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Friday, March 28, 2014

Diary of -"cats",the memory returns...

Previously, on Fashion&Culture Diary i had released a post about i am going to watch the unrivaled British musical-"Cats,the memory returns".Today,is also my expected day finally comes,at 4 p.m the "Cats" took Milan stage and now i can not tell you how exciting i am when watching the show and even more exciting is now i am sitting bides my desk and get ready to post my first experience on watching "cats" show.
Well,i got myself quickly dress up (which you can see my outfits in the left image),because i decide to start off at 2 p.m which is earlier than the prescript time.But when i got Arcimboldi theater i know i was just the one of many early men.

There is a guy staring the poster of "Cats" and and when he saw me he asked me to take some pictures for him,he is so cute making faces when taking pictures,and in return,he took me some pictures which you can see above.It still have one hour before the show and we two are talking about some details of the "cats".He seems so excited and said he is a crazy fans of "Cats",this cute guy even show me his theme T-shirt of "Cats".

Finally comes to moment to enter the theater and my seat was on the second floor,at first i was thinking i got a suck spot and i tell myself the cheapest ticket deserves a bad spot.But when i find my spot and sat down i am kinda of satisfied my seat because my seat was exactly in the central line along the stage.
The staffs tell we audiences that we can not take any pictures during the show so we all actively take pictures before the show.The stage is decorated like a big garbage dump what are for those stray cats to live in.
With a burst of cheering,the "Cats" miaowed the stage,song after song ,dancing after dancing we audiences`s enthusiasm is getting more and more higher.Among the whole "Cats" show the upsurges appear when rising the theme song-"Memory" and when present a string of dancings approaching to the end of the show.

*I do not wanna write a long post but to make it short to read.See the images below
We audiences are all delighted by the superb performances presented by the "Cats" group.Round of applause,endless ...

*Written By Royal Wang

Thursday, March 27, 2014

style trend {socks&sandals what makes you rock the uptown street}

-In my opinion,socks are so sporty and also our daily needs,sandals are so funky,stylish.When socks meet sandals and those two styled together i guess your style must be Sporty+Modern=uptown-Street Rock "N' Roll style.Oh yeah,just when what i am thinking, the beloved releases a story about socks&sandals named Socks "N' Sandals so let`s see how the socks&sandals  rock that uptown street.

The key you style yourself with socks&sandals is the "colors" you need to control your "color palette" of your whole style,i suggest that you should balance your socks color and your sandal color with our outfits colors in smilar hues.So far if you still do not understand see the examples below

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

through back ... top 5 wedding dresses in YSL

fashions fade, style is eternal,” 
-Yves Saint Laurent 

Garden Of Eden
 spring/summer 1999 couture show


Patchwork Maxi Dress

ballet wedding dress
 YSL fall couture show, 1981.

Doves Flying Wedding Dress

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*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

Monday, March 24, 2014

my spring tunes ...

-Yesterday when after work i laying down and listening to the tunes on my phone and i suddenly realize that there are few of tunes i almost constantly listen to in this beautiful springtime,so they are no doubt my spring tunes.

"Counting Star" One Republic,i am so crazy in love the crisp melody of this song,and the MTV is so creative,besides those,i think the leading singer is way cutely handsome.

"Dark Horse" Katy Perry,to sad that so far the candy-chick have not received a Grammy award but i just love her song,i sing dancing in my room and her new single "Dark Horse" as always catch my ears,Katy you rock.

"Beautiful" Mariah Carey,Mariah is my over-one-decade idol and this Beautiful,the melody is easy to sing with especially in love with the Mariah`s "dolphin sounds" at the ending part.

"Happy" Pharrell Williams,just like the song,happy,so happy,the happy melody,and also the video have you watched? So interesting,just check out below.

"Adore you" Miley Cyrus,at first i am not so into this song but after listening to this song over and over again i just can not help singing along over and over again.And oh,plus,i do adore Miley`s new style,so rock.

*Behind the scene:The inspiration of this post based on Bryanboy`s new post-"Springtime Listening" ,thank you Bryan for inspiring me.(Click below like to read Bryanboy`s new post)


*Written By Royal Wang

Friday, March 21, 2014

Vivienne Westwood,an eco warrior

 -Yesterday, Vivienne Westwood led an Anti-Fracking  demonstration through the streets of London.And i-D reported live

*Description:On Wednesday 19th March, i-D hit the streets of London with Dame Vivienne Westwood to take part in the capital’s biggest anti-fracking march. Why? Because in Vivienne Westwood's own words, “We must stop the government from forcing fracking on people!” Vivienne led the crowd, from Battersea, to the King’s Road and onto Knightsbridge, with cries of “Frack off!” and “Join the revolution!” Her 180 demonstrators, which included many of her own employees, dressed up colourfully to reflect our toxic future and carried signs reading “We Need to Talk About Fracking!” “What’s Good for the Planet is Good for the Economy,” and “Go Frack Yourself!”(Quoted from i-D online)

-About the fracking,as Vivienne told i-D "Fracking, as Westwood has educated us, is a process that drills water into the earth and rocks in order to release gas and oil. This water, however, comes at a great environmental cost and releases gasses into the atmosphere that are potentially carcinogenic and harmful. "We're not being told the whole truth about fracking in the UK when we are told that it's safe," Vivienne told i-D. "There are threats to our countryside, our water and our health. We are running headlong towards climate change and more fossil fuels is not a solution!" (*Click here to read the whole report of "Fracking")

-This was the second eco-action that Vivienne recently took,first,on 18th,March,Vivienne Westwood took a steamy shower in public for PETA in a video for world water day ...

-In this Vivienne shower video,Vivienne labels herself as "Eco Warrior",truly,she is,within three days,Vivienne aggressively engaged in "Eco Protection",and we all admire Vivienne Westwood.

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang

Thursday, March 20, 2014

compliments to suzy menkes ...

-We all know the industry news that Suzy Menkes joins Condé Nast International which means we can read her articles all over the international Vogue websites,and for this legendary fashion journalist,here are 15 compliments to Suzy Menkes

“Suzy has been a fixture on the front row of my fashion shows for so many years now I sometimes feel like our professional lives are inextricably intertwined and we have been on this great journey together. I also enjoy her sense of humour and irony present in her writing, I always read her articles with great interest as she has an unrivalled knowledge of fashion.” Giorgio Armani
“Suzy Menkes was an honorary member of the jury at the Antwerp Academy in 1998 when I presented my end of studies collection. She was also there when, six years later, I presented my first collection under my own label. For these two events, her presence was extremely important as well as stressful and encouraging. Suzy Menkes is a model of journalistic rectitude. She says what she thinks and that is something I have the highest respect for.” Kris Van Assche
“Suzy has really elevated the status of fashion, making it a true part of culture. Unlike most writers she is able to detect the genuine essence of designers, always writing in the context of each designer’s evolution. Her passion seems to re-kindle itself endlessly always lighting up others’ lives as a result.” Hussein Chalayan 

“Suzy Menkes is a touchstone in fashion. She has and continues to push boundaries and designers with her wealth of experience and encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion.” Edward Enninful

“Suzy Menkes is one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. Internationally recognised for her incredible contribution to fashion and journalism, Suzy Menkes’ opinion is highly respected throughout the fashion world. I am very grateful for her support over the years.” 
Tommy Hilfiger
“Suzy Menkes is one of the most revered and feared fashion critics of today, her opinion counts full stop. As a young designer, for Suzy to even write and include your collection in her reviews is an honour in its own right.” Christopher Kane
“She knows about fashion and the making of more than many, many other journalists I don’t quote... She is ‘unpredictable’, what makes things often kind of ‘strange’, but it’s fun. She is pretty good with words and the use of them in all kind of directions – not always in the sweetest way... but seeing so many collections – what can one say...”
Karl Lagerfeld
 Maison Martin Margiela
“Suzy is one of the few remaining true fashion journalists in our industry and that demands some respect. She teaches as she writes and we all learn from her.“ Stella McCartney
“Until recently Suzy had only been a silent but reassuring presence in my professional life. I sat next to her at the Topshop dinner recently and learned what a funny, dry and kind person she is and how that informs her writing. To me she’s a bit like a human fashion version of Wikipedia.” Richard Nicoll
“Suzy adds a firmly gracious note to what can otherwise at times be shrill proceedings...” 
Rick Owens
“I am amazed at the energy, dedication and attention that she puts into her writing; she’s a real authority... I am always afraid of her critiques.” Miuccia Prada
“Suzy has a unique value of designer’s creativity, concept and personal style - as well as the craft, something that is often not the focus of critics these days. Understanding how all these qualities co- exist takes true fashion knowledge and journalistic skill. Suzy has a strong personality and her own amazing look, but at the same time remains approachable, someone you’d like to get to know, it’s a balance that fashion sometimes lacks and that’s what makes Suzy so special." Stuart Vevers
“She is too much! But just enough for us!” Sonia Rykiel
“Suzy has been present for so many fashion births (and deaths!) she could be fashion’s official record keeper. In an industry that’s notorious for having no memory she’s like a vault and she can easily pull from these archives to make sense of that which is parading down the runways. If we liken fashion to a laptop, you could say she’s like the external hard drive that backs its files up! The thing I adore about Suzy is how inquisitive her mind is and how sincere her heart is. As so much of today’s fashion journalism has become disposable and trite, Suzy is like a bottle of water in an arid desert – indispensable.” 
Jeremy Scott

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*Edited By Royal Wang

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

i am going to college,but my style is kinda like "going to a gay bar"

-Today i need to go to college,library,exactly.And when i finish dressing up myself i look at the mirror-me and suddenly thought "oh my god,am i going to school? Look at my style,it is not student,but more like a gay boy,am i going to a gay bar"? I admit that i was a gay but my school-look should not be like this. And oh i recently have a plan that is go to gay bar because i wanna a boyfriend.It looks my "going to a gay bar" plan has to be moved up.Ok guys i am on my way now.

*Written By Royal Wang

Monday, March 17, 2014

recently,sine last Friday ...

-This post is like my personal diary,first,every Friday,i need to go to a Chinese restaurant for my part-time job,which is like frying something,you know so dangerous,and at this moment,Milan`s temperature is going to a higher level which you can imagine working at Kitchen is like surrounding around fireballs.On Saturday,i get injured caused by the boiling oil,the moment i get scalded there is a blister on my arm but i think that was sickening and then i peel that blister-cuticle which you can see my wound below.And it hurts and still sickening right?

I feel guilty because every time when i come back from work i feel so so exhausted to go to school,like today i chose not to go to school,i really need sleeping,a long sleeping ... 

As i feel boring and in a bad mood i check out what going on on YouTube and i am so into Mariah Carey`s new single "You`re are mine",thank you Mariah for saving me from a bad mood.

*Written By Royal Wang

Friday, March 14, 2014

Burberry two "era faces" will joint in new Burberry fragrance campaign ...

-Many presses has launched a news (including and which expounds that Cara Dekevingne and Kate Moss will together joint in the new Burberry fragrance campaign.Kate and Cara each Incarnates classical Burberry girl with "Trench Coat" in their each era of career.For this new campaign cooperation which  shot by Mario Testino,Cara says ""So excited to be doing a new fragrance for Burberry  with the beautiful Miss Moss, shot by Mario Testino -  watch this space," tweeted Delevingne this morning.shot by Mario Testino and due out this autumn".Well,what should we fashion fans say? Can not help imagining how that fragrance campaign wows industry.

Related Issue On

Cara and Kate Moss For Burberry

*Written By Royal Wang

Thursday, March 13, 2014

inspiration ...

Herringbone Coat+Hole Denim 

-I am so adore this look,"Herringbone Coat+Hole Denim".simple but stylish,this is exactly what young generation needs to dress up like.I am gonna wear this look to a London culture club.

A Little Bit David Bowie 
This model is really alike David Bowie,the hair cut,face expression,and the way of dressing which is classical over-suit+rock-prints T-shirt.

Basic Elements

I think every style comes from the basic elements and more simple the elements are more stylish your look will be, all you need to do is to do the +/- on your look.The write Tee and denim is what i am talking about the "basic elements".

*Written By Royal Wang
*Image Resource Via

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a penny for my thoughts ...

Thoughts 1: People who frequently visit my blog must notice that i rarely write a post about myself even simply launch some myself images.I have explained reason why this coming- i do not think my style is kinda of impressive.But yesterday i self-take some images in front of mirror because i need to figure out what is tomorrow`s uniform(i usually pick up uniform in advance).And when the images come out to my sight i suddenly feel that fee i look like i am bryanboy (i am not saying bryan and i are alike,i am saying the way and the atmosphere bryan and i has something in common).

Thoughts 2: I almost have dream every night,i mean different dreams (sweet dreams,nightmares ect ...),sometimes i chose to dream because dreaming is so interesting and way exciting.For example,i once dreamed that i had a great sex with David Beckham.And once i dreamed i killed all the people i hated ect... Every time when i wake up from a dream i hope the dream that i was dreaming will come true !

*Written By Royal Wang

Monday, March 10, 2014

Recently ...

-Recently,no specific dates,some events activate my brain cells and other events touch the deeper corner of my soul.

-Chanel Atmosphere 

Even a new-born baby knows Karl`s talents,Karl has been wowed us countless times before,and i bet many of us must wonder what Karl will present to the Paris stage.A supermarket,you know for my age,i do not know if the "supermarket" scene was staged on a runway show,when Karl does so,it is attractive.To be frank,i have this idea setting a supermarket as a runway stage for a long time,i always fantasy that some chic dressing ladies wandering around a supermarket and i do think wandering round a supermarket is very funky behavior,every time when i walk into a supermarket i feel so exciting and i will now and now and then i will adjust my postures,you know like a model,Ha full of interests.When Karl makes "supermarket" indeed happen on a runway,i do think my fantasy is rational.

-I May Not Have Charms
I admit here that i am so so hungry for love,i mean a real love relationship not for sex only,i know sex is way important and i adore sex so much.Those days,since last week i`ve been sick,until now i still have a terrible cough.I motion my illness bcz i do desire a guy who can take care of me (oh my god,writing this line makes me crying crying crying ...).I mean gash where are you guys? So far a lot of guys come to me said that i am beautiful but why do not you guys ask to be my boyfriend? I hate you,you,and you.Second thought,i may not have charms,yeah,that is the reason i blame on my charmless,fuck,what am i suppose to do ? I was born this way,without charms,screw you,god. 

 on the begging of the March some {natural and manmade disasters} rage this plant,in those disasters,including "Chinese Terrorist violence Attack" and “Malaysia Airplane Missing”.Let pray for those who lost their lives and bless for those who still may get chance of survival.Wish the world peace,people safe !

*Written By Royal Wang

Friday, March 07, 2014

Quoted today ...

"People who go to my fashion shows kinda go to a rock" concert 

-Anna Sui

"The thing i am most interested in is continuity.I have always worked hard at not being today`s flavour"

-Paul Smith

"The Collections have been part of the process of growing up"

-Raf Simons.Jil Sander

"I love creating and i hate the empty feeling when it`s done"

-Jeremy Scott

"The simpler the better"

-Jonathan Saunders 

*Written By Royal Wang

Thursday, March 06, 2014

tender typewritten note from Nicolas Ghesquière ...

"Today is a new day. A big day…Words cannot express exactly how I am feeling at this moment…Above all, immense joy." 

-Nicolas Ghesquière

-The emotion lines above reflect the mood of Nicolas Ghesquière`s first Louis Vuitton show,and those lines are typed on every seat so every guests who comes to Louis Vuitton show can read it.

*Edited&Written By Royal Wang

"cats"the memory returns to milan ...

-This is a totally dream-come-true,the legendary musical "cats,the memory returns" which is written by Andrew Lloyd Webber returns to Italy,Milan,and in its original English version.I could remember since i was a little boy the first time i watched some clips of "cats" i was amazed by the music, the stage make-ups,and the story,i once with my twins brother made a wish that one day,we do not where,but we will try our best to watch the "cats" live show,if counts the time,This has been a wish of ten-years.Fortunately,i get the information that "cats" the memory returns to Milan,so today after school i go to purchase the "cats" ticket,based on my financial situation,i have to buy the lowest price,but it does not matter,i still appreciate god brings "cats" to Milan,and i can make my dream come true.Now i just hope time flies 10 times than usual,flies to 27th,March, the day when "cats" takes stage.

*I purchase the ticket of "cats"

-The forever theme-song of "cats" " Memory",i believe you guys must have listened to,and i can not wait to listen to the live version of "Memory".

*Written By Royal Wang
*Contact :

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Stella McCartney`s three-dimensional rope Embroidery ...

-For this season,Stella McCartney`s emphasis is handword which is a big surprise.on overcoats,on pants,on bags,on leggings,on every surface,formed a three-dimensional embroidery which the called this prints as "mountaineering rope formed squiggly embroidery".

*Written By Royal Wang

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